Milan Fashion Week: Days 4 and 5


Here are my favourite runway shows from the fourth and fifth days of Milan Fashion Week...

Missoni looks to be taking us on a trip down Mexico way with next season's collection. The show was full of ponchos, kaftans and floppy squared-off sombreros. This show was definitely an eye catcher with it's bold and bright prints in a multitude of colours.

This collection from Dolce & Gabbana was one of my favourites shown at Milan Fashion Week. Like many other collections that have been shown for next season it is nearly all white, with lots of prettly lace. There were hints of leopard print and crystal embroidered flowers, and a few black dresses and lingerie style garments. I would wear nearly every single piece from this collection but my favourites are the white lace maxi dresses.

These looks are all from Brioni's Spring/Summer 2011 runway show. The collection was mainly made up of black and white lace and tailored looks. There was a hint of pretty coral that added a softness to the harsher all bright white tailoring. I was pleasantly surprised by the clashing red and tan coloured garments that I would never in my wildest dreams put together, but works well here.

(Photos: vogue)

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