Farewell Miss Moss


Last week Topshop launched their final Kate Moss for Topshop collection. Although a great fan of Kate Moss and her collections for Topshop to me they had started to become a bit repetitive. Each collection began to feature variations of the same item and details, from maxi and tea dresses to fringing. Whilst I do still love these garments something fresh would've grabbed my attention a little more. Having said that Kate Moss for Topshop is bowing out with a great final collection, I especially love the rings that were added to this collection. Here are my favourites...

1. Star Circle Ring - £30
2. Multi Godet Maxi Dress - £250
3. Iconic Fringe Jacket - £80
4. Glitter Velvet Playsuit - £90
5. Tiered Ruffle Maxi Dress - £175
6. Oval Sparkle Stone Ring - £30
7. Iconic Heavy Beaded Dress - £130
8. Daisy Spot Chiffon Dress - £75
9. Velvet and Lace Shorts - £60

All available from Topshop

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