Problems In An E Cup


Today I am going to talk about my chest.  Yeah, you heard it right, this post is probably going to contain a fair bit of boob talk.  For a long time now my bust area has been a sore point, while many girls yearn for breast enlargements I spent my time yearning for a breast reduction.  I've always been uncomfortable with the size of my chest but after several years I've decided that it's time to embrace them, after all there are women out there who would pay thousands for what I got for free.  Now I'm not saying that this is going to happen overnight, as I have had many a tantrum in changing rooms and I'm sure there will be more.  As a size 8/10 with a 32E chest size, you can imagine that I don't fit into the generic sizing categories.  This has resulted in many tearful moments, with fashion being a huge part of me, I'd hate when I'd get in the changing room to try on a top or dress in a size 8 and there wouldn't be a chance of it stretching over my ample bosom, so I'd try a bigger size and then it'd fit across my chest but be huge everywhere else.  Of course this doesn't happen with everything and I'd been more accepting of it lately, that was until the bralet came along.  I have been admiring this trend all summer but with their underwired cups I knew I had no chance.  So this has taken me back to those younger years where I dreamt of smaller boobs.
Anyway, back to the main point of this post, one of the things I've always struggled with is underwear.  On the high street it is a lot harder than you'd think to find a nice bra in a 32E.  Most bras in a 32 only go up to a D cup and anything above a DD cup tend to start at a 34 or 36.  So I am stuck right between the two and there is nothing worse than an ill fitting bra.  Then a lot of the larger sized lingerie tends to be quite unattractive and, I hate to say it, can be a little granny-ish.  So I am really happy to discover this nice selection of Large Lingerie.

I actually already own this Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra in Nude but I really want it in black and white now too.  I would highly recommend this bra no matter what your size.  I cannot praise it enough.  I've lost count of the amount of strapless bras I've bought on the hunt for the perfect one.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had to give their strapless bra a cheeky tug every 10 minutes to stop it slipping down.  I can wear this bra all day and not have to tug on it once.
Do any of you have a problem finding underwear that fits properly?
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  1. I can't buy anything on the highstreet, always have to order some £30 bra online, such a pain!

    - ordaining serendipity

  2. ah it's so annoying isn't it! my boobs are quite big for my frame so I know how much of a pain it can be finding things that fit.. not everyone who is a size 8/10 has A cup boobies! x

  3. OH MY GOD. This is the STORY OF MY BLOODY LIFE. I am a 32 DD and find it almost IMPOSSIBLE to find nice fitting bra's anywhere that don't cost the earth. And I completely hate mine too. They get in the way of absolutely everything and make me look larger than I really am. I am not generic sized either. For years I'v hated them and wanted to cut off em but I suppose like you I'm stuck with mine. Marina and the Diamonds has got killer curves and shes GORGE so why am I moaning? Gah I don't know. Maybe I need to invest in more bras to feel good about myself like Wonderbra. Need to check this stuff out better! Great post..I feel like I am not alone now!

    Gemma x

  4. Aw no that sounds so annoying! I'm a bit jealous of you though, I'm barely an A I'm like a boy haha! xxx

  5. Great post, but I actually never had a problem ;)
    Btw, I am hosting a Boticca giveaway for a $100 voucher :D

  6. I'm the same size as you and I couldn't agree more! They are the bane of my life! I just got back from honeymoon and had to spend a fortune on bikinis to get nice ones that actually fit! I need to get some new underwear but it's never easy to find stuff that I like that fits. X

  7. Very inspirational post! We all have something on our body that we don't like but we have to embrace it and move on! It's all about feeling good with yourself after all! Comparing your body with others will only give you a hard time accepting it! You go girl! Be an example for the rest of us!


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