Hydra Temptation Lipstick


Hydra Temptation Lipstick (Shade #8) - £2.45*

This lipstick from Bornpretty promises to be both moisturising and long lasting.  Both major selling points for me as I'm always looking for products that won't dry my lips out and I'm not really one for reapplying my lipstick every five minutes.

Most of my lipstick collection is made up of difference shades of red and coral, so I decided to be brave and give one of the brighter pink shades a try.  When I took the lid off and saw the Barbie Pink staring me in the face, I thought I'll never be able to pull this one off!  However once I applied it to my lips it was a lot sheerer than I was expecting and didn't look quite as bright, it has more of a lip gloss feel to it once applied but without the stickiness.  Another bonus to me as I love how moisturising lip glosses are but I rarely tend to use them as I don't like how sticky they feel.  The only downside to this lipstick is that it is very soft, which I am assuming is down to the formula which makes it so moisturising, so you have to be very careful when applying it as it does feel like the lipstick itself is about to snap off.  I would probably say it's best to apply this lipstick with a lip brush just to be on the safe side.  For £2.45 though I'd be amazed if it was absolutely perfect and it's something I'm willing to overlook for it's moisturising abilities.  I was also fairly happy with it's staying power, I would say I had it on a good 6-8 hours before I felt the need to reapply.

I have to say that this lipstick has changed my mind on pink lips and I won't be avoiding the shade completely anymore.  If you'd like to give this a try or any of Born Pretty's other products they are offering my readers 10% off if they use the code "SAK31".

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