F is for FCUK Polished


Out of all the exfoliators and moisturisers I have ever used the FCUK Polished range has to be my absolute favourite.  I have quite sensitive skin so I can sometimes find that some exfoliators can be a little harsh on my skin, but this FCUK Sugarscrub is really gentle on my skin while being just rough enough to exfoliate it.  The almond and jojoba oils in it do a great job of softening my skin and leaving it really smooth, whilst the strawberry extract leaves a gorgeous smell.  Then there's the FCUK Whipped Bodycream which I use daily, and after test driving lots of other moisturisers this one is definitely my winner.  Previously I was using Clinique's Deep Comfort Body Moisture, which I found to be really thick and it didn't rub in very easily, it just felt like it was sitting on the surface of my skin.  This bodycream from FCUK though, is very light and my skin soaks it straight up leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.  Also, just like the sugarscrub, it leaves me smelling gorgeous with its orange blossom scent.

As far as I'm aware this range is only available from Boots.  So if anybody knows anywhere else it is available, because it can be hard to get a hold of sometimes, please let me know.

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  1. I have these and I like the effect but the smell is so overpowering! It makes me feel a bit queasy. The exfoliator is particularly nice though.

  2. @Chuck Really? I love the smell but I don't have a great sense of smell, so maybe that's why I don't find it so overpowering :)

  3. I've used an fcuk bodyscrub before and that smelt gorgeous, like sweets!




  4. @ Eloise Yes I love them, they smell so yummy :)


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