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I've been struggling to blog again lately due to my lack of self confidence and my anxiety creeping back up.  Then I remembered the whole point in opening up about my anxiety and self esteem issues on the blog is so that I could share my experiences and not let it stop me from blogging because I was trying to hide that part of my life.  So here I am sharing a little bit of what I love to do when I'm not feeling great.

Both my Nan and Grandad have not been well lately, as well as a cancer diagnosis within the family, things have just got on top of me.  Therefore my anxiety has increased and I've just been focused on trying to keep on top of that by exercising, yoga, meditation, baking and trying to take time out to relax.  When I'm not feeling the best one of my favourite things to do is a little online shopping, but as I have put myself on a spending ban to save for a house and my next tattoo all I can really do is browse.  This has left me with a ton of wishlists with lots of bargains that are too great to miss, as the summer sales have started.  If you're anything like me I prefer not to spend too much on my summer wardrobe for the little amount of sun we get here in England it's just not worth it, so I thought I'd do a little series of posts sharing my favourite sale finds from different online stores so that all this imaginary shopping that I'm doing doesn't seem like a complete waste of my time.

I decided to start with Asos as it is one of my favourite online stores and it's so nice to browse different brands all in one place as you can browse a more diverse range of styles.  It's a great place to shop for people like me who like to mix up their style from girly to grungy.  My absolute top picks here are the Boohoo dress, River Island jacket, Asos boots and the little gingham playsuit.

Have you found any great bargains in the summer sales?

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  1. Now you made me want those nude booties!


    Tamara -

  2. so much cute stuff! I ordered a few things last week from the sale too!

  3. I love ASOS! I'll be checking them out today. Thanks for sharing :)

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY


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