To Tweet or Not To Tweet?


I've been debating on whether to join Twitter for a while now but feel like I'm a bit late to jump on this bandwagon.  I know very little about Twitter besides hearing or reading about some controversy that today's celebrity has caused by Tweeting and getting themselves into a bit of a Twitter war.  It's something that I had thought was for us just to have a little nosy into the world of celebrity and not for average folk like me, but it seems the Twitter bug is spreading.  It's taken me quite a while to catch it but I've been debating with friends and my sister for the past week whether I should join or not.  Who would want to follow me?  With Facebook, this blog and Twitter would I be left with much Privacy?  So I would like to open the debate to you guys as I know a lot of you have a Twitter account and would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.  Should I join the world of Twitter?

Just so this post isn't just about Twitter and doesn't bore you to death, I thought I'd share with you what I've been up to today.  I've been a bit stressed this week so what else was there to do but crack out my Hummingbird Bakery cook book and bake up a storm (literally, an icing sugar storm) in the kitchen.  I love to bake when I'm stressed there's something I find really therapeutic about baking.  After flicking through all the wonderful recipes I decided to give the Maple and Pecan Layer Cake a try.

My sister got me this lovely apron for Christmas and I feel quite the Suzy Homemaker in it.

I was quite impressed with how it turned out.  It's delicious and nearly half of it has gone already.  Think I will be taking Riley for extra walks this weekend to burn it off.

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  1. Oh my sister has that book, the cakes are all so scrummy! Yours looks great :)

  2. I have Twitter, I think it's quite fun and if for example you follow your favourite DJ's or whatever, twitter is often the first place you'll find out when they're next releasing a track/playing in your area etc. Also I think it's just good for if you fancy updating stuff about your life but don't want to be bothering your facebook friends by posting too many statuses haha. That cake looks AMAZING, my housemate and her boyfriend made one from the Hummingbird Bakery website - chocolate brownie base, baked vanilla cheesecake on top of that and then raspberry cream on top of that - delicious!

  3. I have a twitter account, and I like it more than facebook. It may sound weird but it's much more 'private' than facebook: you can post, or better, 'tweet' whatever you like but I think it's not as personal as facebook, since you don't even have to type your real name and surname! moreover, it's fun if you follow your favourite singer/actor/writer because it's often the first place where they say what they're about to do :)
    that cake is amazing! I think I'll buy that book :)

  4. Mmm that cake looks delicious!
    Twitter is pretty good - it keeps me update with a lot of things and I get to chat with other bloggers :) x

  5. I am far too addicted to twitter, shameful!

    LOVE the look of that cake!

  6. Wow, that cake looks so good!

  7. Love the apron!! And the cake looks so nice I think I'm gonna have to go get myself something sweet to eat aha. I use twitter but mainly because I don't post alot of statuses on facebook as I have so many people I barely know on it so I find twitter more easy to vent without getting into stick lolXx

  8. I want cake! :3

  9. OMG THAT CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:0 x

  10. I have both twitter and a facebook page for my blog, I absolutely love Twitter and I have also met a few great friends I can only say join twitter, hehe =)and that cake looks so delicious, you made me hungry !

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  11. that cake looks yummy! oh and that apron is super cute!

  12. Hello lovely xx Thank you for the sweetest comment ever your so lovely lovely lol. Fab apron and give me that cake NOW looks amazing.

    Have a fab weekend hun xx

    Twitter is good I am on it but haven't got into it yet xoxo

  13. So pretty! ANd yummm the cake!


  14. I'm addicted to twitter :)
    The cake looks so yummy :) Xx


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