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I've actually been a bit slow at doing this post because I bought these last Monday but wanted to use the make up so I could review them also, otherwise this would be a bit of a boring post.  The face wipes I got because I'd ran out, but these are the best thing I have ever discovered.  I have dry and sensitive skin, that is prone to the odd breakout on my chin, so refused to buy any cheap facial cleansers thinking that the more expensive ones had to be better quality and therefore more delicate on my skin.  How wrong I was.  I've lost count of how many different ones I've tried from Clearasil to Clinique and all have left me with dry blotchy skin.  Then when I was away for the weekend a while ago I forgot to pack my wipes, which I just usually used for removing make up, I picked these up for 57p in Wilkinsons.  Thank god for that weekend!  I was so impressed with these wipes, especially for the bargain price.  They work wonders on my skin, they don't dry it up too much or irratate it.  If you would like me to do a post on all the skincare I use let me know, as I now don't use any expensive products and they work wonders on my skin.  I know everyones skin is different but I'm happy to share my routine with you.

I'd been wanting to try BB Cream for a while, and after reading many reviews online and testing them instore, I decided to give the 17 from Boots one a try.  I've been using it for a week now and I love it.  As I mentioned before I have pretty dry skin and even with moisturiser foundations tend to dry it out.  This however leaves my skin feeling very moisturised and barely feels like I'm wearing any foundation.  It says on the box that it has Oil Control but I wouldn't really recommend it for oily skin, as even with my ridiculously dry skin it leaves it looking a bit shiny and oily, but I am able to tone this down with a dusting of loose powder.  As for coverage, if you have very spot prone skin this is probably not the best product for you.  It is pretty good at evening out skin tone and blemishes but as it is so lightweight it's not so good at hiding angry spots.  This is fine for me as I am lucky that I only get the odd one on my chin when I am stressed, which can be easily covered with a bit of concealer. 

I finally manged to get my hands on the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Superdrug, but I was a little bit gutted that they only had these two colours.  I love the shimmer of Eternal Gold but my favourite is definitely On and On Bronze.  The colour is just amazing and so pigmented, but the best thing is that they're one of the few products that actually do what they say.  Once these are on there's no shifting them without a bit of make up remover and elbow grease.  I cannot praise Maybelline enough for these Color Tattoos, if I had any complaint at all it is that I'd like to see a wider range of colours.

I also picked up this gel eyeliner as Maybelline was on 3 for 2 at Superdrug and I'd been wanting to try gel eyeliner for a while as I'm not really a fan of liquid eyeliner.  I find it smudges easily and you have to have a pretty steady hand to apply it, whereas with the gel eyeliner you need a steady hand but don't have to be as precise as you can build it up and it doesn't smudge as easily.  I'm not sure what I was expecting the concistency of gel liner to be like but I was surprised how much it was like a kohl pencil when it was applied.  I'd definitely recommend it, and the brush is fairly good quality which makes it easier to apply.

What beauty product are you loving at the moment?

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  1. I have found the Boots essentials cucumber range to be a wonder for my skin, it just goes to show the most expensive things aren't always the best! I really want to try these Maybelline colour tattoos as well. Great post!

  2. I really want to get some colour tattoos except my Boots didn't have the colours I wanted :\ x

  3. I don't know much when it ones to make up! I have never even heard of a gel eyeliner! I will have to check it out now! Sounds good!
    Lots of LOVE

  4. I loved finding your blog and I follow you! fascinated me nail design you made with newspaper, I will put into practice, I have already years using varnishes LA Colors are excellent ...

  5. Ugh I get huge buzzers on my chin too, what the heck! So where can I get these magical wipes, lol? Did you get them at the grocery store?


  6. Great review! I tend not to use many beauty products though. Maybe I will give one of these a try:)

  7. the bronze pots are so pretty

  8. I love the look of those Maybelline shadows! And I love BB Cream too, I use one by Garnier but I may switch to the 17 one when it runs out because I've read so many good things about them xxx


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