ELF 6 in 1 Beauty On The Go - Palette 6


This is the final palette in the ELF 6 in 1 Beauty On The Go Kit and, although it's quite a neutrel palette and I do like some of the colours in it, it's not a palette I can see me using often or taking on the go with me.
The first row of eyeshadows are all shimmer shadows and, although there's nothing wrong with them, I'm not really wowed by the colours.  The pinky shade in the middle is probably the only reason I'd find myself digging this palette out for.  I just can't really se myself wearing the other colours with so many other lovely shadows in this kit.
The second row of shadows in this palette are more matte and again I'm not overly fussed by the colours.  For some reason these ones just don't seem to apply as nicely as the others.  It's a shame really as I love all of the other palettes so much, but I suppose it'll come in handy if I need a brown shadow and don't have time to search through my other eyeshadows.
Rather than a blusher this palette contains a bronzer, which I don't really have a problem with, but it is quite matte and I like my bronzer to have just a tiny bit more of a shimmer in them.  If you like a matte bronzer this would be perfect, it's quite pigmented and applies nicely.  Then I find the lip colours in this palette to be just a bit... blah.  There's just not very much colour in them at all and you have to apply quite a lot to get the hint of colour shown in the picture above.
As you can probably guess this is not my favourite palette in this kit, but I still love this kit and would definitely recommend it.  See my reviews on the other five palettes here, here, here, here and here.
Which is your favourite of the 6 palettes in this kit?

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  1. Wow this palette is gorgeous ! thank You so much and following You back :)))


  2. This palette has some great shades. What a nice purchase!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. You always have such great eye shadows!


  4. What a lovely colours this palette has! If you like more shimmer in your bronzer, just add a little highlighter :)


  5. Beautiful make up palette! need to buy myself one too!

    With love, Samm


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