Barry M Limited Edition Yellow Nail Paint


When I was in Boots a couple of weeks ago I picked up a few new Barry M polishes after wanting to try their Gelly Nail Paints for a while.  At the time they had an offer on where if you spent £6 on Barry M products you got a free Limited Edition Nail Paint (they no longer have this offer on but these Limited Edition Nail Paints are still available here).  There was a choice of pink or yellow, so I decided to give the yellow one a try.  I have never been a huge fan of yellow nail polish but seeing as it's summer I thought I'd give the sunny colour a go.  I think the majority of my nail varnish collection are Barry M Nail Paints so it's no secret that I love their polishes.  They are such good value for money.  It took two coats to fully cover the nails without any transparency and like all other Barry M Nail Paints I have found it to be pretty chip resistant.
I am pretty happy with this polish but I still don't think I'm really a yellow nail convert.  I do like this shade as it is not too pale and is nice and bright, but not too bright that it is bordering on neon.  However I can't see this being a favourite as I have many other Barry M Nail Paints that I'd be more likely to reach for before this one.  It's a nice yellow to add to my collection though if I ever fancy a change and I've been wanting to try some floral nail art, so it will come in handy for that too.
Are you a fan of yellow nails?

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  1. I love yellow :3
    I bought a Miss Sporty yellow a while back.

  2. I really love the colour! it looks great on you :D

    You have a new follower! would love a follow back too x

  3. I totally agree with you about yellow being an "interesting". I, at one point, was wearing it faithfully then quickly started going back to other colors (mainly links and neutrals). But I must admit: your nails look beautiful! And you make me want to go back to the banana life.


  4. Nice! Yellow is a cool color. I like the bottle cap too, haha.


  5. it looks beautiful :D
    yellow isnt my color :(

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  6. I wasn't sure of yellow before but now I think I'll have to give it ago. Great post . :)


  7. I agree I love the shade but wouldnt reach for it! Great for nail art though :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Alice x

  8. love the color, reminds me of taxis. but same here, not sure it would be my go-to nail color. but i agree, you could use it for the floral nail art. would be cute as the yellow in the middle for daisies <3


  9. I love yellow but not a big fan of yellow nails. It looks good on you and I like the packaging =)

  10. Love the look of this polish so pretty x

  11. That nail varnish is great! It is such a good colour, I had a yellow nail varnish but it didn't suit me, this looks awesome on you!

    Em x

  12. Love that colour xx

  13. Wow that is seriously bright! I'm never too sure about yellow polish either but I guess it is nice for summer :)xx


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