Gingerbread House


I decided to take a little blogging break over the Christmas period and decided to just take the time to relax, in between all the mad rush of Christmas shopping, and do one of the things I enjoy most... baking.  There is just something I find so therapeutic and relaxing about baking, so I decided this Christmas to tackle the one thing I've always wanted to bake at Christmas time... a gingerbread house.

Now I'm no professional when it comes to baking, it is just something I like to do on the side for a bit of fun.  So to me this gingerbread house was a success based on the sheer fact that when it came to putting the roof on the walls didn't collapse into a mound of gingerbread crumbs as I had envisioned. It might not be quite as perfect as I had hoped, but I'm still a little disheartened to demolish it as I'm quite proud of it for a first attempt.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and got everything you asked Santa for!  I was well and truly spoilt this Christmas and have lots to share with you in the next few posts.  My favourite present of all though was the Macbook Air I got, which I'm using right now to type this post, from my wonderful boyfriend.  I never even dreamt that would be waiting under my tree this Christmas.

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  1. This looks so cute! I don't even think I should bother trying to attempt to bake a gingerbread house, I can't imagine how much of a failure the outcome will be ha ha! Glad you had a nice Christmas, and I hope the new year treats you well :) x

    Oh So Bridie | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. Gingerbread houses are the absolute best, this is so adorable and I am so impressed. Wishing you all the best for the new year my dear friend.

  3. So cute :)

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  4. I commend your baking skills! The gingerbread house looks so good! x

    Happy new year!

  5. Wow I love this! Wish I got around to making a gingerbread house

    The Koalafornian x

  6. Ohh your baking skills are amazing!! So pleased you had a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year lovely lady <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. that looks amazing! i am following you on gfc and bloglovin. Hope you will do the same;o))


  8. I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house, but I have never had the time, nor patience!
    But yours look so, so good, I would love to taste it! :)

  9. Wow, this is so creative, your gingerbread house looks amazing! Wishing you a Fabulous 2014! May it inspire greatness and bring you heaps of success and love, topped with happiness, peace and prosperity.

  10. I love bake cakes ♥
    fantastic ♥

  11. aww that is such a lovely house ever! Happy New year <3

  12. you are super talented! I am your latest follower :) <3


  13. very yummy this gingerbread house! look nice
    thanks for your lovely comment darling

  14. what a lovely house, dear)) it's so delicious probably)
    i'm following you via gfc now, so please follow me back)
    keep in touch, xoxo
    love, Yulia

  15. it turned out so cute!

    helen at

  16. It looks so cute. I love it. Wish you a happy new year!!!

    xx Mira


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