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I have to admit that I'm not really an expert in hair extensions nor is it something that I've really looked into before, but as somebody who gets bored easily with their hair I'm beginning to think that they may ease my boredom a little.  When I was younger every trip I took to the hairdressers, I would exit with a completely different style and colour than I entered with.  As you can imagine over the years this has taken it's toll on my hair.  Here are just a few of the styles I've had over the last few years, it's been long, short, red, pink, blonde...

Since I've stopped dying it and had it cut my hair is in a lot better condition, but I am really missing my long locks and am feeling the urge to colour it again.  So when I was recently introduced to I thought that maybe hair extensions might be a great option to keep my urges at bay.  They have a wide selection of hair extensions in all different colours and lengths and as they are all made from human hair they can be washed, cut, dyed and styled to your preference.

I love these ombre hair extensions, they would be great to add both length and colour to my now colourless shorter hair.  I especially love the bright pink ones, they are so tempting as I really miss my pink ombre hair, only this time there would be no dry split ends from the pre-bleaching.  I would kind of prefer if these were clip in extensions though so I could take them in and out as I please and although they do sell more secure extensions such as weaves, pre bonded and micro loop extensions, as I have never worn extensions before I would prefer to try clip ins.  They do lots of clip in extensions on their website which are really cheap from what I can see compared to other hair extension retailers, and they also have lots of youtube tutorials which are perfect for first timers like me who would have no idea where to start with putting extensions in.

What do you think about hair extensions? Do you or would you use them to add length, volume or colour to your hair?

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  1. you look amazing! I love long hair so extensions are a great thing

  2. You make me feel so boring, I've had the same hairstyle all my life haha! Yours always looks so cool and funky xxx

  3. You've had some really cute hairstyles over the years. Extensions are nice if properly added and taken care of.

  4. i literally have dyed/cut my hair a million different ways over the years (and still am; but blonde is addicting!) i love the idea of extensions-- especially if you're not sure if you want a short cut for a long time! i've thought many times of investing in those clip-in bangs haha!
    xx Corinne

  5. Great hair style!

  6. great hair inspiration!
    happy day!


  7. Ooo, I always think that ombre hair looks so cool! You look great with all your hairstyles. :)

  8. all these hairstyles look amazing on you!♥ I've never tried hair extensions, but they look great!:)

  9. Love the long ombre style with fringe. it suits you so well... that ombre pink - oh my gawd! in love :) xx


  10. It's good that you feel the urge to experiment with your hair every once in a while. After all, our hair defines our look the most. In any case, I think using hair extensions is a great way to change a look that we've grown bored of. I'm glad you tried using them as well, Sadie. Thanks for sharing that! Stay gorgeous! :)

    Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company Inc.


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