Models Own Southern Lights


Southern Lights, £4.99 - Models Own

I am a huge fan of Models Own nail polishes, especially their Gel polish and Beetlejuice collections, so when they were on offer recently I decided to give one of their glitter polishes a try.  Now, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with glitter polishes, I love how pretty they look (who doesn't love a bit of sparkle?!) but they are an absolute pain in the backside to remove and it can be quite a chore having to layer on about 4 coats for an opaque finish.  When I saw the prettiness of this Southern Lights polish from their Wonderland collection I decided to look past all the things I hate about glitter polish and hope for the best. After all Models Own have never disappointed me yet.  As you can see the sparkliness of this nail polish speaks for itself and I was impressed that this opaque glitter was achieved in just 2 coats!  A first for me when it comes to glitter polishes!  This is such a pretty nail polish, which is slightly more lilac in colour in real life than it looks in these photos, and looks gorgeous when the little flecks of holographic glitter catch the light.  As expected though it is a devil to remove and I was slightly disappointed with the drying time.  I am so impatient when it comes to waiting for nail polish to dry, but when it still smudges 45 minutes after applying may be a little long for even the most patient of nail painters.

Even though it has it's downsides and still wouldn't declare myself a glitter polish lover, I am still in love with it's sparkle and is one of my favourite glitter polishes thus far.

How do you feel about glitter polishes?  Which is your favourite?

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  1. OMG love love love that color so pretty with the glitter!

  2. I LOVE glitter polishes mostly because they're the only ones that ever stay on my nails, and if they do chip it's so easy to just fill in the gap without having to totally repaint. This shade is gorgeous! xo

  3. What a very pretty polish!


  4. Such a beautiful polish Sadie! That's a heck of a long time to wait for the polish to dry! I'm the same way, hate waiting for my polish to dry hahaha :) If I happen to smudge it, I get so angry (one of the main reasons I only paint my nails when my husband isn't home, otherwise I just yell at him and blame him for my misfortunes hahahah :D:D:D:D)

    I love the look of glitter polishes, but you're so very right about them being difficult to remove :/ Definitely a downside! We girls still love our glitter though ;) Hope you have a great weekend!

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  5. This is BEAUTIFUL, so so stunning. That's a long drying time though! Also, you've photographed this really well...I always have trouble capturing sparkly things properly in pictures! x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. Wow! I love glitter on nails and this color is beautiful!

  7. What lovely glamorous nails!! Love!! Lovely post, amazing blog! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Returning the support as always!

  8. Looks like such a pretty glitter but unfortunate it takes so long to dry.

    xx 365hangers

  9. That is such a pretty shade, and I've never seen it before! Xx

  10. Awesome post and that color is so lovely! hope you have an amazing brand new week!


  11. What a great colour-your nails look so pretty! Love the glitter! Thanks for stopping by:)


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