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I am sorry I have been a little MIA in the blogosphere over the last few weeks, I feel like I am having a slight mid-life crisis.  Probably a little prematurely so in my twenties, but recently I have been lacking the motivation and drive I really need to get things done and have really been questioning the direction my blog is going in.  I don't really discuss my anxiety and depression on here as I feel as though this blog is a part of my escape from these problems but sometimes it really affects my blog and makes me really self critical.  However I've decided to fight back, become more organised and get myself back into regular blogging.  And how better to start than with a little shoe haul post...

Shoes - Primark

I love these little brogue style t-bar shoes, they look a little brown in this picture but they're actually a deep burgundy colour.  I thought they'd make a nice change from my usual black loafers that I normally just slip on and they will look really cute for spring with some little frilly socks.  

Boots - Office

If there's one thing I love to buy it's boots!!  I don't know why but whenever I walk into a shoe shop it's one of the first things I'm drawn to and no matter what time of the year I find myself in a pair of boots.  When I saw these boots in the Office sale they instantly reminded me of the Chloe studded boots, something my bank balance would never allow, they were reduced from £80 to £44 and I knew I had to try them on.  When the shop assistant brought me the other boot to try on I noticed that it was a slightly different colour to the display boot, which had obviously faded in the bright shop lights.  Although it wasn't overly noticeable I mentioned it to the shop assistant and as they were the last pair in my size she said she could knock the price down a bit more for me.  Little did I know she was going to knock another 50% off for me, so I was really pleased when I got to the till and had got this £80 pair of boots for £22!  I'm thinking about making these boots more Spring/Summer friendly with some white denim, if I'm brave enough...

Shoes - New Look

In May I am heading to Santorini to be bridesmaid for one of my best friends and for the last couple of months have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes.  My main criteria was that they had to be nude, make me a few inches taller and comfy.  Thanks to my little legs I had already had to have several inches taken off the bottom of my bridesmaid dress that landed in a puddle around my feet.  Although these are not exactly the bridesmaid shoes I had envisioned, I like how tall they make me feel and the chunky heel and platform make them a lot comfier and easier to walk in.  To be honest, as you can barely see them under my dress, I just wanted to buy a pair that I knew I could wear again and I can see myself getting plenty of wear out of these during the summer.

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  1. Those boots! So nice. How exciting that you're going to be bridesmaid too! I'm sorry you've been having a tough time lately, if it's any help I always love your posts x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. Those shoes look perfect for the wedding. And I love your Primark find.

    I hope you're feeling back on top form soon, I think a lot of us can relate right now (myself included) x

  3. I hope you feel better soon <3 I really love the first pair - they are so cute! They remind me of school shoes (but in a good way - I'd totally wear them!).

  4. I really feel you on the motivation lacking front, on all fronts really, for me it's the knowledge that I've got so much to do.. fingers crossed you're feeling better soon:) Also loving those Primark shoes best - super cute <3

    // xx

  5. Nice new shoes! I like the black boots - they are really cool :)
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with your friends and family!

  6. Like your boots :) M&MFASHIONBITES
    Maria V.


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