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I recently received a lovely little package from May Beauty containing their Incredible Face Mask.  Having super sensitive and dry skin I was a bit weary to try it but after reading a bit more about it I decided to give it a go.

Included in the package was the Incredible Skin Guide booklet, which is a great and informative little booklet.  It has some information on the causes of blackheads and acne and what results you can expect from the Incredible Face Mask.  It also explains how a change in diet can lead to clearer skin alongside a list of foods that can cause acne and what they can be replaced with to reduce acne.  There are lots of helpful hints and tips in this booklet for people that suffer with acne.  Luckily it's something I've never really suffered from but I'm sure better and clearer skin is something we all strive for so it can be helpful even if acne is not a problem for you.  Then finally at the end of the booklet it has a step by step guide of how to use the mask.

Now onto the mask itself, which promises to rejuvenate skin by removing blackheads, dead skin, oil and particles that clog the pores which can cause acne.  After reading about the mask and seeing that it's main ingredient is deep sea mud I was expecting a thick mud like mask but opened the packet to find a very thick and sticky gel like mask.  I quickly set about to putting the mask all over my face, then using the brush to spread it out evenly being careful to avoid my eyes, eyebrows and lips as suggested in the guide.

As you can see the mask has quite a shiny latex look to it and still looks exactly the same when it has dried.  When I first applied the mask it had quite a cooling effect on my skin, which felt really nice, then as it dried I could feel it tightening on my skin.  It is suggested that you leave the mask on 30-45 minutes to dry and so the first time I used it I left it on for the whole 45 minutes.  Then came the removal.  I am going to be completely honest about this, it was a little eye watering to remove!!  There is no mistaking that pulling this mask off will remove any bit of dead skin or dirt on your face.  It wasn't necessarily painful, the only comparison I can make is when you get an eyebrow wax and you have that moment where you tense slightly and your eyes water slightly... well it's kind of like that.  The only thing I will say is make sure you are careful not to get it on your eyebrows or hair and if you do just wash it off with some warm water.  I have used it several times since that first time and it does become easier to remove and I only left it on for 25-30 minutes, so don't let that put you off as it is worth the results.

Now I don't suffer from acne so I can't say how much of an improvement it makes on that but I do get the odd spots now and then, especially on my chin when I am stressed.  When I first used this mask I had four spots, three on my chin and one on my forehead, and the morning after I had used the Incredible Face Mask they had completely cleared up.  So when it comes to clearing spots I can safely say this mask works and I have been using them once a week for three weeks now and have not had a breakout at all.  Like I said I don't really have spot prone skin but always get the odd few, so to have none is great!  I have also found that my skin is a lot less flaky, especially around my nose area, I've always suffered from dry skin and it still does get dry around my nose and on my forehead but I'm assuming this mask has really helped by removing the dead skin cells as it doesn't get as flaky as it used to.

All in all I am really impressed with this face mask, it's not just your typical face mask that makes your skin feel nice and soft for a few hours, it really has long lasting effects.  If you'd like to give the Incredible Face Mask a try May Beauty are offering my readers 30% off making the test package £13.30 for 5 face masks, the brush and skin guide, all you need to do is click this link.

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  1. I love using face masks, this one sounds great Sadie! Love that it has long-lasting effects. ;)

    Thirteen Thoughts

  2. This mask looks great!
    Melanie @

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  4. I love masks, this one sounds really good! xx

  5. This looks really worthwhile Sadie! I like the sound of the initial cooling effect <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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