Pearl Earrings


There's just something about pearl earrings that make them so classic, they are just simple and pretty. I love how this pair, from BornPretty, have been given a modern twist making them more on trend and a little less like you've borrowed your Grandma's pearl earrings.  They have a simple pearl stud with a fan shaped piece that sits on the back of the stud so that the pearls are just visible below your ear lobe.  They have two little holes in the fan shaped part so that they can sit as high or as low on your ear as you'd like.  They can be a little fiddly to get them in the right hole first try but I really love them.  They are a nice twist on a simple stud and for 97p they are an absolute bargain.

BornPretty are also offering my readers 10% off orders if you use the code "SAK31", so head on over and bag yourself a bargain.

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