Winter Floral Maxi


Dress - H&M
Bag - Primark
Hat - H&M

I've really been loving H&M recently, to be honest I think I lot of my winter wardrobe has come from there so don't be surprised if it features in my next few outfit posts, my only problem is their sizing making it impossible for me to order online.  Take this dress for example, when I spotted it in store I thought it'd make a perfect winter dress with it's length and long sleeves and even better was the price, making it an absolute steal at £14.99!  It would've been rude to leave it on the rail!  However, I felt a wave of disappointment when I saw that the only sizes left were a 6 and a 14, but being a size 8 I thought I'd attempt to squeeze into the 6 seeing as it had an elasticated waste.  Once I got to the changing rooms and tried it on I was surprised at how roomy it was, if anything I could've even gone a size smaller.  It absolutely baffles me how in the same store I sometimes have to go up to a size 10 or 12 in jeans and am then able to more than comfortably fit into a size 6 dress.  Don't get me wrong, I love H&M and think their clothes are great value for money but just don't understand how their sizing can be so varied in different items of clothing.  It's probably a good thing because if I had been able to order online this winter I may have been penniless.

Unfortunately this dress doesn't seem to be available online anymore but there are some similar styles in different patterns.  I'm really tempted to get another because this one is just so comfortable to wear and is probably the only maxi dress I've ever found that doesn't drag on the floor, being a short 5'3" that's a feat in itself.

Do you prefer maxi dresses in the winter?  Have you ever had trouble with the sizing in H&M?

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  1. Ohhh!!! I freaking love this! It speaks the spring season all over it!


  2. I love this dress, you look utterly gorgeous! x

  3. Remember my post about being a real fahion blogger or not ;)? Here you totally look like a real fashion blogger! So trendy and stylish! I find maxi dresses pretty cool but somehow never dare to wear them because I easily feel overdressed. Does that happen to you too?
    I am wishing you a most wonderful weekend : )

  4. Looking like the babin' bombshell you 100% are Sadie! This dress is an absolute killer on you, the colours, the maxi-magic, the length, style, everything! You're rocking it so fabulously with your beaut hat and gorgeous bag. Really crushing so hard on this dreamy look! I love the addition of maxi-skirts in winter, they really switch the season up. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  5. This looks absolutely gorgeous on you, glad you got it. Such a cool print. Totally agree with you about sizing, find that with quite a few stores.


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