Ciate London X Olivia Palermo Satin Kiss Lipstick


I really love Olivia Palermo and her classic yet beautiful style, she always looks absolutely flawless.  I have no idea how her collaboration with Ciate London absolutely bypassed me until one day whilst I was browsing in TK Maxx I happened to stumble upon a small selection of this collection (I am absolutely kicking myself for not picking up more now!).  The main product that caught my eye was this gorgeous lipstick in the shade Cashmere.  The packaging is just beautiful and typically classic of Olivia Palermo in a simple black and gold.  It has such a luxurious look to it, especially with the OP and little bow embossed onto the lipstick itself.

As you can see Cashmere is a lovely nude shade and very highly pigmented, with just one swipe you get this amazing colour pay off.  What has sold me most with this lipstick though is the formula.  I have fairly dry lips so am always on the lookout for products that won't dry them out.  This lipstick has a lovely creamy texture and feels rather moisturising on the lips but doesn't look too glossy, which some moisturising lipsticks can.  I have pretty much wore this lipstick daily since the day I bought it.

Like I said I stumbled across this lipstick in TK Maxx and was able to pick it up for just £6.99!  They also had it in the shade Truffle which was a bit more of a pinky nude and after how much I've fallen in love with the formula I really wish I'd bought that one too.  So I'd definitely recommend checking your local TK Maxx on the off chance that they might have a few pieces from this collection, otherwise they are available here but for over double the price at £19!  I think I would still pay full price for it though as I think it is well worth it for the quality.  I have also got my eye on this eyeshadow palette from the collection now too.

Have you tried anything from the Ciate London X Olivia Palermo collection?

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  1. I really love that color!!


  2. The lipstick looks pretty good! I actually love using that type of Nude lipstick because it is so pretty!

  3. I'm so upset it's not available here in Indonesia :( could always get it online though haha #firstworldproblems

  4. I like this nude color! Very beautiful! However, I stay with organic cosmetics only ;)
    Happy new week!
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  5. That lipstick looks beautiful! xx

  6. Such a gorgeous shade- I'll need to hunt for this; I love Olivia Palermo!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. Ooh how luxurious does this look and such a gorgeous shade too x

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