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I know February is a short month but I honestly don't know where this month has gone!  Actually I don't know where the beginning of this year has gone, it seems to have flown.  I have been meaning to do this post since Christmas and although it is a little late now I wanted to do it anyway.  Ted Baker is one of the most beautiful brands and I love their collections they bring out in Boots every Christmas. Their makeup range is so beautiful and such high quality I am saddened by the fact that it is not available all year round, although it does give me something to look forward to at Christmas.  Every Christmas I get something from their makeup range and I think this years has to be my favourite yet.  My boyfriend bought me the Ted Baker Treasure Trove and just look how beautiful it is with that rose gold and white packaging.  Yes, that's right, I'm a sucker for packaging!  But I am happy to say that I love all the products too.  I won't go into too much detail about them as that would make for the longest post ever but I did want to share them with you as I never see much about Ted Baker makeup and I would love for it to get more attention and potentially lead to something a little more permanent than just Christmas gifts.

Firstly is these two lipsticks.  I have to admit I've only really tested the first one, as you can see it is pretty pink and I don't very often wear pink (especially in the winter months) but it has a lovely creamy texture and I can't wait to try it out a bit better in the summer months.  The second one however has quickly become one of my favourites, it is a lovely nude colour and has the nicest formula.  It is really moisturising and has a slight lip balm feel to it, a little like the Rimmel lip butters but with a better colour pay off.

I actually already have one of these lip and cheek tints from the previous Christmas and although it looks a reddish pink when used it is actually a similar colour to the pink lipstick only with a sheerer finish and a touch of sparkle.  I tend to use this on my cheeks more than my lips for a lovely rosy glow.

I always think mascaras can only be judged on what type of look you want to go for... voluminous, lengthening, subtle, dramatic etc.  This mascara is perfect for separating and lengthening lashes, there is no clumping or over dramatic finish which makes it the perfect daytime mascara for me.

If I'm being honest this eyebrow pencil is one of my least favourite products in the Treasure Trove, but mainly because it is a tad too light for my brows and not quite as soft as I like my pencils to be.

Then there is this beautiful little eyeshadow trio in the lovely rose gold packaging with a useful sized mirror.  The eyeshadows are really pigmented and blend beautifully.  There is a subtle everyday taupe, a gorgeous shimmery copper (which is my favourite) and a nice dark matte brown.

This bronze and blush duo is also fast becoming a favourite.  Again it has the beautiful rose gold packaging and the lid rotates to open with a mirror the full size of the lid on the opposite side.  The bronzer is not too dark and has a really nice subtle shimmer to it making it perfect to get a healthy sunkissed glow or for a more subtle contour.  The blush is a beautiful dusky pink, a colour that I never really look at when it comes to blush and I don't know why because it really seems to suit my skin tone.

Finally we have these two nail polishes, which are pretty self explanatory, one is a lovely shade of red and one a pretty pale pink.  Both being one of the most wearable colours, as when I can't decide what to wear I always seem to gravitate towards a red or pink.

The Treasure Trove also contain some beautiful rose gold eyelash curlers, a mini contour brush and an eyeshadow brush, which all do the job they are supplied to do.  If you would like a more in depth review of any of these products just let me know.

Have you tried any Ted Baker makeup products before?

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  1. That lipstick is gorgeous! I love makeup what di you think is the best cheaper make up brand? X

  2. Loved this post; I have a lot of body scrubs, washes and fragrances from Ted Baker because I ADORE the scent but I've not yet ventured out into their makeup, which I definitely will do after this post!
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie x

  3. Love Ted baker, their makeup is actually really decent and your post has shown how darling their packaging is. Lovely post and photos


  4. I've never tried Ted Baker makeup but some of these pieces look fab, and I'm a sucker for pretty packaging :')

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  5. A treasure trove times a trillion! I'm loving this stunning make-up set gorgeous Sadie :) Crushing majorly on the rose gold and white packaging; all the transfixingly pretty. I've never tried anything from Ted Baker but I'm 100% tempted after seeing your dreamy shots. The lipsticks are so luscious, the second one is such a blissful shade that looks so classy and elegant. The lip and cheek tint looks so gorge, can imagine it gives off such a stunning vibe, especially come summertime. The nail polishes are so beaut and I'm loving the pretty mermaid-esque shade you're wearing in the photos too, all the shimmery and sparkly. Your photography is next level dreamy, absolutely loved this post beautiful babe! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  6. I've never tried any Ted Baker makeup although I have a couple of their bags, I really love their style, it's so pretty and feminine that it's kind of hard to resist. Don't suppose you know the name and brand of the nail polish you're wearing in these pictures do you? Stunning colour!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  7. Love the color of second lipbalm!


  8. I don't have any Ted Baker makeup, but it sure looks pretty! Love the look of the lip and cheek tint!

    Di from Max The Unicorn


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