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To say that I have had a rough couple of weeks is an understatement!  As I mentioned in a previous post my Nan sadly passed away and last Friday was her funeral.  It was such a sad day but at the same time absolutely beautiful, it is exactly how she would have wanted it.  Having to say a final goodbye to her was the hardest thing ever but it was also nice to have all my family, including our relatives from Ireland, all together and the support and love I felt from them all was unbelievable.  I was even able to stand up in front of the whole church and read two prayers for my nan.  It made me so happy that I have come this far with my anxiety that I was able to do this for her, as she meant the world to me.  It has also made me realise how important family is and to cherish every moment I spend with them.  It was kind of bittersweet as it was deeply saddening, but I practically spent a whole 4 days with them and have made some beautiful memories that will stay with me forever.  Throughout all of this I have had chronic toothache and was waiting for a referral so I could have my tooth extracted under sedation, as I didn't think I would be able to cope with having it done with a local anaesthetic with my anxiety.  The dentist has always terrified me!  At the beginning of this week though the toothache became so unbearable that I decided that I was just going to have to bite the bullet and get it done with only a local anaesthetic.  I will not bore you with all the details but typically of me it wasn't smooth sailing, it hurt A LOT (as the root of the tooth was infected so the anaesthetic didn't work properly) and I was left feeling very ill.  Thankfully I am feeling a lot better today but have been left with a fair bit of anxiety!  

So, after a stressful few weeks I've decided that I need a holiday to get away from it all and destress and soak up some vitamin D.  Sadly it is unlikely that this will happen as with saving for a house deposit and Disneyland in December, I just can't afford it.  If I could though I would be jetting off to Mykonos with this lovely bikini from UK Swimwear.  It is a little on the pricey side but you can feel it in the quality.  It feels so thick and supportive, especially compared to some bikinis, which is exactly what you want, you do not want to be worrying about a little nip slip when you're swimming.   And for those of us with a... ahem... larger bust that can sometimes be pretty hard to find.  At UK Swimwear though there are a lot of swimsuits where you can select your body size along with your cup size, finally somebody realises that not all size 8-10's are an A/B cup.  It also has removable pads in the top for that little extra support and comfort if you feel you need it.  I really like the strap detailing this bikini has as it adds a little something extra and creates a lovely shape on your body, and the cobalt blue colour is gorgeous.  This bikini would look lovely and flattering on pretty much any size or shape.

I was feeling very self conscious about posting these last two images but wanted to show you how the bikini looks on, because that flat lay just does not do it justice.  Then I thought screw it, everybody is a different shape and size and nobody's perfect.  Everybody has their hang ups but we should all be proud of who we are and the way we look, I am working very hard on my body confidence and this is where I begin.  Hopefully I'll get to wear this wonderful bikini on a sunny beach soon.

Are you jetting off anywhere this summer?

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  1. You don't need to worry about the pictures you look gorgeous!!! X

  2. You look amazing!! As you say we are all different shapes and sizes. Have a nice day!

  3. You don't need to be conscious! You look great! The bikini looks beautiful on!

    Darriyan xo | http://www.darriyancateland.co.uk/2017/08/welcome-back.html


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