Are Playsuits Just For Summer?


Playsuit - Asos
Boots - New Look

These photos were actually taken a little while ago before the real cold weather set in and I completely forgot about them.  I wanted to share them though as I loved this playsuit when I saw it in the Asos sale and am a little sad that I only got chance to wear it once before it started getting a bit too cold for bare legs.  

This got me to thinking are playsuits really just for summer?  Playsuits are a style I really love but tend to avoid in the winter.  I like to get all wrapped up cosy and warm.  This means a lot of my clothes sit in the wardrobe the majority of the time though, and since buying my own house I have been a little strapped for cash when it comes to clothes shopping.  So, my mission this winter is to find a way to make use of my wardrobe and find a way to adapt the clothes I already have into my winter wardrobe.  I still haven't figured out how I am going to do that with this playsuit yet though.  I don't think black tights would work due to the lighter colours.  But I think layering it over a polo neck or pairing it with a chunky knit might work.  If I wore these in black then I might just be able to tie in the black tights and a pair of black boots, and it just might work.  We will see...

After trying to find the links to these items I've just found that the playsuit is even less in the sale now and is still in stock in all sizes and the boots are now reduced too.  The playsuit is now only £10,  I think it was around £15 when I bought it.  The boots I was actually lucky enough to win on Instagram but they have been reduced online to £13.  I have been seeing white boots everywhere recently and I love this little kitten heeled pair, they are perfect for daytime and are super comfortable too.

How do you adapt your summer wardrobe for the winter?

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  1. The ruffles, floral print, colour and design of your Asos playsuit looks very feminine and attractive, and your hair looks gorgeous. I love the look and your outfit photos.


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