Flu, Snow and Internet Shopping


Well winter is definitely here! Flu season is in full swing, which is the cause of my lack of posts here in the last few weeks. I have had quite a nasty dose and have been on bed rest, then just as I am getting the better the snow has arrived. I love the snow and it is giving me that Christmas feeling... sledging, snowball fights, lights and log fires :) But as usual the UK is unable to cope with the drastic change in weather, the whole country has practically shut down with public transport being cancelled and roads being closed, and we are more or less house bound. On the up side this has left me with plenty of time for a little online shopping to prepare myself for the rest of the winter season. Fur coats are everywhere this season and this snow has definitely left me wanting a big warm coat. Alongside this I have been on the hunt for a chunky aran knit cardigan and love this Olive coloured one from Motel. So I have ordered this alongside this Faux Fur coat, now I just have my fingers crossed they will be able to get through this snow.

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