Handmade Earrings For Sale... just in time for Xmas :)


I always love to have something that is a little unique, so have dabbled in some jewellery making for myself before. I love it so much as it is something I enjoy and allows me to be creative, and is something I would love to do more often. This is why I have decided to branch out and not only make jewellery for myself but for others too, hopefully that will sell so the money can be reinvested to create a larger collection. I have started out with a couple of simple pairs of earrings. One is a simple pair of Antique Gold style Bird/Swallow earrings, and the other a Parisian Chic style Antique Gold Oui/Non pair of earrings with hand stitched Navy bows...

I have made 6 pairs of each but have listed one of each for sale on ebay to see how much interest they gain. If you are interested click the links below to bid:

Bird Earrings
Oui/Non Earrings

So please take a look if you want to treat yourself, or they will also make a great Xmas gift. Even if your not interested in buying them leave a comment and let me know what you think :)


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