A Few Things I Found Under My Tree This Christmas...


As promised yesterday, here some pictures of my favourite gifts that Santa was kind enough to bring me this Christmas...

This is my beautiful custom made La Mer watch my parents bought me. I posted about these watches when I first started this blog and now I finally have one, YAY!! (FYI the pictures do not do these watches justice.)

This winter I gained a new found love for fur, (faux of course) so was pleasantly surprised when I unwrapped this fur and patent leather bag. I also got these tan suede shorts by Glamorous on my New Year sale shopping trip.

I'm not really big on bling but I have been lusting after these animal rings from Accessorize since well before Christmas (the cat one is in a previous post). My friend kindly bought me the owl one and I got the cat one out the sale for half price.

Then finally there's my River Island panda hat. I have been wanting one of these hats since last Christmas but never got round to getting one, so this year it was one of the things on the top of my wish list.

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