Who Said Big Isn't Beautiful?


If you're anything like me I'm sure that you too have been admiring the fabulous dresses that were worn to the Golden Globes this weekend. There were some gorgeous gowns but I have to say the one that really caught my eye was Amber Riley's. The Glee star really embraced her curves in this sequinned floor length figure hugging dress and absolutely killed it.

This got me to thinking about why we do not see more people in the spotlight embracing their size and proving that you don't have to be a stick insect to look good. When it comes to size I feel it is a major taboo in the fashion industry. We live in a society now where it is drummed into us that to look good we have to be a size 0, and I will admit I have admired many models and envied their long slender bodies. But the one thing that has really got me thinking about the pressure to be so tiny in this industry are new photoshoots and campaigns I have seen lately starring Crystal Renn. She was a plus sized model, and absolutely stunning I might add, and I really admired her confidence and success to fit into a size 0 industry.

But now she has slimmed right down, and I'm not going to lie she still looks good, but I can't help but wonder did she do this for herself or did she cave to the pressures of the industry?

I was then pleased to see that Look magazine had launched a campaign to find a "Curvy Supermodel". I would love to see curvy women embraced in the industry to prove that no matter what your shape or size we can ALL be beautiful.

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  1. i don't know much about the plus-size world of modeling. I find your posts most refreshing! Gave you a follow & look forward to your next post!

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