Now Selling Jewellery on ASOS Marketplace


Not long ago I blogged about ASOS setting up a "Marketplace" for individuals and boutiques to sell both vintage and original designs. I think this is a great platform for individuals like myself, who like to get a little crafty and make their own designs. Up until now I have just sold on ebay and to friends, friends of friends etc. Which has been working out ok but as ebay sells anything and everything you just have to hope that somebody stumbles upon your items, but with ASOS being fashion based I think it is more appropriate and its much better to browse through than ebay. It is also very easy to use, I definitely recommend it. So anyway, here are a couple of items I have listed on there, take a look and let me know what you think...

Swallow and Rose Necklaces

Oui ou Non Earrings

Hope you like them, and keep an eye out for more :)

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  1. I am in serious need of more jewelry. I love jewelry, but I never think of buying it.
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