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I've really had enough of the cold weather now. I want to be able leave the house without spending 20 minutes hunting for matching socks because it's too cold to go without, and I love just being able to walk around in the sunshine without having to be all bundled up in coats, scarves and hats. Don't get me wrong I love the beginning of winter and being able wrap myself up in new scarves and cute hats, but the novelty soon wears off. So on my last shopping trip I decided to start shopping for the summer, and as it's still too cold for summer clothes I started with accessories...

I got all of these from Primark (and as you can see the lack of sunshine is already causing them to collect dust on my dresser :( ). The sunglasses were a bargain at only £1 each! I am reluctant to spend a lot of money on sunglasses because in summer I carry them around everywhere with me and they usually end up getting thrown in my bag, which, 9 times out of 10, ends up with arms snapping off or the lens falling out. I also love having different styles and colours to wear with different outfits and fit my mood. So I bought a plain black pair because they go with everything, and then the oversized ones I bought because I love the colour. They look pretty white in this picture but they are actually a pastel green colour. I had difficulty choosing between these pastel green ones and the same style in a pastel coral colour, looking back on it now, at £1 a pair, I should've bought them both.

Here is a close up of the earrings I bought. They were only £1.50, and I love how girly and pretty the little pink flowers make them. I wish I'd bought the matching necklace now too.

Then finally I bought these two nail varnishes. They are great colours for the summer. They are both from 17 at Boots, the one on the left is called Bolt From The Blue and is a pale pastel blue colour. I absolutely love the colour of this nail varnish, but there is one little problem... it dries way too quick. I know it says Fast Finish but it's practically already dry while your still putting it on, which can cause it to look a bit streaky, like when you try to put a second coat on when the bottom coat isn't quite dry. So my advice is only buy this nail varnish if you can apply it VERY quickly. Then the one on the right is called Orange Soda. It is a really nice bright coral colour, and has a little bit more of an orange tint to it than there looks in the picture above. This Lasting Fix one is a lot better than the Fast Finish one, it is really easy to apply and has a really smooth and shiny finish.

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