Sam Edelman Sample Sale


Just thought I would let you all know that Brandalley are doing a great shoe sample sale until the 1st Sept with some gorgeous Sam Edelman shoes in it.  As it is a sample sale there are only available in a size 4.  I have been able to nab a pair of Zoe boots for the bargain price of £59.95.  If it is your first order you can save £10 if you spend over £60 using the code "tenoff".  Also if you want me to invite you to join Brandalley, you will get a £10 voucher.  If you leave a comment with your email address I will send you an invite, but I can only invite 5, so the first 5 comments will get it.

Here are the boots I have ordered, I can't wait for them to land on my doorstep...

I am in no way affiliated with Brandalley, and thought this was too good a sale not to share as I know there are plenty of people in the blogging world who love Sam Edelman as much as I do.

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  1. ahh love the zoe boots!! pelase post pics when you get them


  2. Thanks for your comment chick.

    Wowzers the boots are just amazing I bet you are stalking the post man waiting for these lol xx

  3. ah those boots are amazing! definitely post a pic when you've got them :) sadly my big old ski feet would in no way be able to squeeze into a size 4 otherwise i'd be all over this sale!

    charlotte x

  4. shame I am a size 5 :(( those boots are currently on ASOS and UO website for £210 you got a real bargain there they are amazing xoxo

  5. Those boots are amazing aren't they, I love Sam Edelman! Wish I was a size 4 now, haha :) x

  6. I loved them once but I guess I'm over it now. Thanks for sharing anyways!

    London Last Night


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