Don't Stop Me Now, I'm Having Such A Good Time


I had a bit of a hectic but  awesome day yesterday.  I got up early(ish) and couldn't have been happier to see the sun out for our little family day out.  After lots of debating and checking the weather we decided to stay close to home and go to Lincoln for the day.  With it only being about 20 minutes away I have been to Lincoln millions of times, but not once have I been up to the Cathedral, so we decided to be a bit touristy yesterday and go and have a look at it.  After a little walk around the outside and a few snap shots, we went inside and me and my sister lit a candle for each of our grandads, who I miss dearly.  After this, we walked down Steep Hill (so much bloody easier to walk down than up!!), and I wished I had been up to the Cathedral before now as I found the most gorgeous little vintage shop with some AMAZING dresses.  When I am off my shopping ban (that is a little unsuccesful at the minute, oops) I am going straight back.  By the time we got to the bottom we were hungry and thirsty, so ventured to my favourite Italian in Lincoln Pomodoro E Basilico.  The food there is gorgeous and they do some of the best pizzas I have tasted.

Sunglasses, Vest and Shoes - New Look
Shorts and Bag - Primark
Hairband - Matalan

Now I can't talk about our trip to Lincoln yesterday without mentioning The Showhawk Duo.  I have got to say they were the highlight of my trip to Lincoln.  It's guys like these that make me desperate to crack on with learning the guitar and not leaving it in the corner of my room.  If only you could learn in one day I would've got these guys to teach me.  I just can't describe how amazing they were and they just fed off one another.  I could've stood in the sun watching them all day, I was glued.  Then after buying their cd off of what I'm not sure was just their friend or maybe their manager(?), I found out they are from Bath and have 25 years experience of playing between them.  Right now they are doing a busking tour around England and are playing at Edinburgh Festival.  They are definitely worth seeing if you get the chance.  I would love to see them again.

To top off my great day my cousin who is visting from Ireland came round with my aunty and nan, and as it was a warm evening we went for a nice walk by the river before stopping at the pub for a drink.  Then the night ended well with dominos pizza and apple pie, YUM!

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  1. The Cathedral looks gorgeous, & you me dear look lovely. I love the floral shorts. & I am so in love with your hair color. I so wanna have red hair right now, I am like itching for it.

    My F21 skirts, I order them off my Blackberry, & I think they are plain solid colors. I have two from F21, one is lace, & the other is printed, so I needed plain once.

    xo SARMIN

  2. absolutely love your shorts! and lincoln sounds pretty, i live in london so we have absoluely nothing and pretty like that :P i went on holiday to this tiny town called framlingham once though and that had a beautiful cathedral and vintage shops. oh bans are a disaster! i've done well for like 2 weeks but i'm going to a new vintage shop tomorrow :L :P and that duo are great! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) i'd love for you to come and visit again soon xxx

  3. I visited Lincoln cathederal a few weeks ago while I was staying at my boyfriends, it's so so amazing and you got some lovely photos! You look lush too babe :D xxx

  4. Love your Outfit!! You look gorgeous!!
    and the cathedral is amazing!!

  5. your outfit is cute
    love your hair!


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