Half A Century


On Wednesday my lovely mum turned the grand old age of 50, and to say she wasn't looking forward to it is an understatement.  She was adamant that she didn't want any fuss, party or anything that reminded her that she had been on this planet for half a century.  So on Tuesday night she was quite miserable that my dad hadn't got the day off work and nothing had been planned, little did she know we had spent the past week planning surprises for her.  The first surprise came in the morning when my dad gave her presents and told her that he did in fact have the day off work, to which she sobbed because she was so pleased.  She then had to go to work for a few hours in the morning, so my dad arranged to have the biggest bouquet of flowers I have ever seen delivered to her at work.  My mum was so surprised as the last bunch of flowers my dad bought her were when I was born 24 years ago, and is always teasing her that the next bunch of flowers he buys her will be when she's pushing up the daisies!  

I then spent the morning getting ready, which takes about 5 times longer than usual with Riley running off with my brushes and anything else I'm trying to use.  But eventually I managed to get ready by the time my mum got home so we could take her for a surprise lunch at one of her favourite resaurants.  There were more tears  when we got there and she saw the balloons on the table.  Then the day was topped off with friends and family we had secretly invited for cake and champagne.

 T-Shirt - H&M
Skirt, Boots and Necklace - Primark

 Me and my sister

 My mum's special birthday pudding

The lovely cake my Nan had made for her.  It's delicious and there's still over half left, if it doesn't get eaten soon I may be a stone heavier by next week!!

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  1. the maxi skirt is so beautiful and goes wonderfully with your hair, thank you for your sweet comment :) x

  2. awww sounds like your mum had a wonderful bday, and you look fab, loving that maxi skirt



  3. So nice, glad your mum had a great day she looks 50 and fabulous. Love your outfit chick stunning xoxo

  4. awwww this is such a cute post and sounds like you mum had an amazing birthday. Loving your outfit too hun that skirt is a gorgeous colour and makes a real statement with your hair colour xoxo

  5. aww happy bday to your mum! and you and your sister look so pretty! :) Xx

  6. so pretty :)) followed you!


  7. thank you for the lovely comment dear! :) and happy belated birthday to your mom! I love your skirt!


  8. The maxi is HOT. Looks like super fun.


  9. happy belated to your mom! i'm so glad to hear that she had a wonderful one. it's always nice to make your mother feel happy! hehe

    oh, btw! love your sam edelman zoe's! i didn't know they came in studded ones now.

    ps. if you're interested, i'm having a giveaway from KAHLO on my blog... come join! :)

    cindy - design3rd

  10. love ur boho look for your mom's birthday.. God bless her and happy birthday to her!!! seems you 3 had so much fun together!


  11. Happy birthday to your mom!! :)

    and you look gorgeous, love your skirt!

  12. that is such a pretty cake. how nice of your nan to make that cake.

  13. nice skirt! visit my blog http://pleasestrikeapose.blogspot.com/, and if you like it follow me, I'll be so grateful!


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