Looking For A Little Hairspiration


It's getting to that time again, where my hair has been the same for a while and I'm getting bored.  After spending a few years trying to grow my hair having it cut is out of the question, so I feel the only change I can make is colour.  Not to mention the upkeep of red hair is becoming a bit of a chore, but I do love being a redhead and am always getting compliments on the colour of my hair.  So I've been looking for a little inspiration and I'm feeling quite inspired by dip-dye/ombre hair.

I would love to know what you guys think, should I stick with red or go for one of these?


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  1. You can dip your red hair with an other colour ... like a dark brown or black? Or you can go for a lighter colour with dip - dye and red hair, like a blonde or something ... i think that would look great!

  2. I have ombre hair. I think the look actually makes your hair appear longer. Might just be me. I love the first image xx

  3. Thanks for your comment :)
    I've found that the leggings were slightly longer than what I wanted because I literally wanted them to graze my ankle but other than that they are good! Oh and if you return everything on your invoice to a store within a week of the date on your invoice then you should get your p&p refunded too :)

    Jade x

    PS. I like Rachel Bilson's ombre look

  4. i love the one with the pink, though pink is such a hard colour to maintain!
    i love having the ombre look, its just becoming so much more 'normal' i guess? mixing it up with a colour would be great fun!

  5. Your red hair is absolutely lovely, but if you're craving a change, just go for it! Rachel Bilson's hair looks amazing there.

  6. I love ombre hair! Go for it if you're feeling it!

  7. Ombre hair are totally cool, I prefer particolar colors..like pink..!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  8. I really love ombre hair still, perhaps you could blend to a gorgeous coppery orange?

    Fashion Stereotype

  9. Rachel Bilson's hair is gorge!
    the colours do look cool also

    Serendipity Style Blog

  10. I like ombre hair, if done correctly it's so glamorous and cool ! I prefer the second pic from top =) I think you should give it a try if you wanna change ! Nice blog, if you want we can follow each other ! I am waiting for you, kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

  11. Keep it red and ombre the bottom :) That'd look really cool! Xxx

  12. They're all pretty ladies. (:

  13. I love, love the color you have now...But I totally understand about changing it up...I say go for it! I like the 2nd photo.

    xo SARMIN

  14. omg thats abbey lee kershaw in the first pic! i love her.

  15. I like the Rache(a?)l Bilson in the last picture! It'd be way easier for upkeep aswell

  16. I love them all! my fave is the first one, love the contrast of colours x

  17. I like the first one but the last one is definitely more wearable!
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  18. I know exactly what you mean by red. My hair use to be red but then it would fade too quickly and I didn't want to keep killing my hair to make it look good, so I went brown but have been thinking of dip dying it. So I would say to go for it! I think it would look so awesome on you!

  19. I think the coloured ones are a bit tricky if you go to work but they all look lovely!

    London Last Night

  20. I love Ombre hair but i dont think i will ever be brave enough to do it to mine!! we shall see hmm

  21. I love ombre hair!!! :D go for the last picture, its stunning!


  22. I adore dip dye, but somehow I wonder what colour would be nice with red heads? I think pink... But still not too sure about it. If you do it, I'm really curious to the outcome!



  23. wow!! amazing looks, I love the last!!
    Kisses! :)

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  25. as much as i like dip dye hair its all about the red for me....red head high five! x


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