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First of all I'd like to apologise in advance for the mish-mash of a post that this is about to be.  I've been super busy making jewellery to sell at Christmas Fairs and will eventually be selling online.  I will give you a sneak peek in an upcoming post.  As you can imagine trying to make jewellery whilst having a puppy jumping all over you like he's had 20 cans of Red Bull is not the easiest, so it's taken me longer than normal which is why I've barely had time to post.  I have also been taking Riley puppy training, and he now seems to have fully got the hang of "sit"...

I also went to the opening of a new (and the only) vintage store in town called Vintage Vixen.  If you knew how small and non-individual the town I live in is you'd understand how exciting this is for me.  It's a lovely little shop with an array of vintage dresses, skirts, jumpers, fur coats and much more.  The opening party was a fairly intimate affair with mostly the owner's family and wine, nibbles and biscuits.  I'm sure the wine was just a ploy to get people to spend money ha ha.  It certainly worked on me.  I could've left with bags full but I was good and just settled on one dress.  The other good thing is that the clothes aren't overpriced at Vintage Vixen like some vintage stores can be.  The dress I got was only £28 and, surprisingly for vintage, fits perfectly.

I love the gold thread that runs through it and the cute little vintage square buttons.

My friend Lisa is also selling some lovely vintage jewellery in there, if it actually makes it into the shop without anyone calling dibs on it.  She has also set up a facebook page called Me Ol' China where she is also selling some gorgeous teacup candles which will make great Christmas Presents for your vintage loving friends.
Go check it out and press that little "Like" button, she's always adding little vintage treasures she's found.

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  1. Aw-the doggy is so fluffy :) good luck with the jewellery selling!

  2. baha that sheltie pup is adorable. please show us what you've been making, darling!

  3. Aw Riley is completely adorable!

  4. That dress is gorgeous - it's such a good feeling when something that's vintage fits you perfectly - definitely means it's meant to be! xx


  5. Your puppy is super cute arrghgh! I love the look of the dress, and when it fits perfectly it is the best feeling! I also love that candle, will check out the fb page! xxx

  6. I really like the candle!



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