Hello Sunshine, Come Into My Life


The title of this post is from a Super Furry Animals song, which is on The OC soundtrack.  I love the soundtracks to The OC and I found myself singing this line of the song over and over when I got up to the glorious sunshine yesterday.  If you follow me on twitter you'll know that I went for a little wander in the sun which resulted in a few unplanned cheeky Topshop purchases.  So just thought I'd share what I got with you all.

Dress, Bag and Sunglasses - Primark
Shoes - Peacocks
(I hope the sun reflecting off my lily white skin doesn't blind you!)

We were lured into a new cafe for lunch by a guy giving out free tasters of smoothies and milkshakes outside.  Just what you need when wandering around in this heat.  I had a strawberry, raspberry, banana and apple juice smoothie and a chicken, pesto and mozzarella panini.  It was delicious.

 Dress £10 - Love at Topshop

I couldn't believe when I saw this dress with a £10 sticker on.  I love it!  I'd seen it in the sale on the website for £22 but it seems to be sold out at Topshop now.  However it is still available on the Love website in their 2 for £40 section, which is a great deal when many of the dresses alone are over £40.  I'm loving this dress in the deal too.

 Cut Out Sholder Skeleton Top £14 - Topshop

I fell in love with this top when I saw it on the lovely Lily in one of her posts.  This is the fourth Topshop I've looked for it in, so was over the moon when I saw it yesterday.

Sandals £45 - Topshop

I originally planned to go to get some cheap gladiators for when I go away next week to replace my old faithfuls that broke last summer, but when I saw these glaring at me I just couldn't leave them on the shelf.  I am ridiculously in love with them.

What are you all doing to enjoy the sunshine?

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  1. I'm wearing thar Primark dress today :) That Love dress is gorgeous, can't believe it was only £10! Love the sandals too.

  2. The smoothie looks so good! What a great find that dress was, it's gorgeous! Love the gladiator sandals too :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  3. I really like the dress that you bought. It's a pretty color! Can't wait to see you model it.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. :O That Topshop dress is gorgeous, what a bargain! I love the skeleton top too, I'm debating whether to get it or not!

  5. That Topshop dress is amazing! xo

  6. I love that dress and those shoes..£10! amazee


  7. Love the topshop buys! I've never been to their store before, but I ALWAYS see people with the greatest stuff from there!!

  8. Oh-my-gosh that panini sounds incredible (I'm freakishly addicted to pesto, lol)
    Love your recent purchases, the irridescent blue maxi dress looks like an absolute gem! x

  9. love those sandals, they look stylish yet comfy.. good choice! I can't stand uncomfortable sandals xx

  10. Great buys from topshop!


  11. Love that topshop cut out t-shirt with skulls! xx


  12. wow that green dress is gorge

  13. Love all the items you've bought, and oh my that dress is such a find! I Love it!! Xxx

  14. oh my that photo of that delicious food is making me so hungry! time to go cook smoothing or oder something since i am a bit lazy. haha.i would also be excited to see that top shop shirt with the cut out sleeves in action!

    xx rae

    pop by if you have time, follow if you want to! <3


  15. Love your topshop shirt & shoes! Lovely!

  16. Ohh i have that dress, i love what you bought, that sparkly dress is so pretty! xo


  17. I love love love that love dress! Super cute! I am so jealous of your wonderful selection of topshop, we only get sprinkles of it in Canada.

    you have a very sweet blog :)


  18. £10 from Topshop?!!!! Omg I am so majorly jealous! I wanted a nice blue dress like this for my holidays so I could stand by the sea and be a chameleon and blend into the background! Ahhhh. Your food is making me hungry also.

    Gemma x



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