Mellow Yellow


Dress - AX Paris
Shoes (old) - Peacocks

Excuse my squinty face, I am so happy to say that the sun was in my eyes.  I'm not usually a huge fan of yellow clothing but this dressed has converted me into a yellow lover.  I love it!  I really wanted one of these crochet waisted from Topshop last summer, so I was really happy to see it at AX Paris for a mere £21.  I want it in every colour now.  I was so happy to get to wear these sandals too.  I got them at the end of last summer in the sale for £5 and never got the chance to wear them because the weather wasn't nice enough.  They are so comfy and really allow your feet to breathe in this heat, because who likes hot sweaty feet?

I didn't know what to do with my hair in this heat because there's only so many days I can rock a topknot before I get bored, but I don't like my hair all over my face when I'm hot.  So I decided to get out my vintage hairstyles book that I got for my birthday for a little inspiration.  After a quick flick through I decided to try a more relaxed version of this:

Foundation -17 BB Cream

I very rarely do a makeup shot because I'm never usually happy with a skin but I seem to have finally found the combination that works for my skin.  I also wanted to share with you my love for this BB Cream, I've tried a few different ones and this is by far my favourite.  It's the lightest I could find and not a hint of orange in sight.  I just love how natural it looks and it really does even out my skin tone.  I find it applies best with a stippling blush and can be easily built up for more coverage.  I cannot recommend this enough, it will take a lot for a foundation to beat this one for me.

What is your favourite foundation?

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  1. Your dress is so lovely! :)

    - Victoria

  2. Your skin looks amazing!
    I love the dress, I really wish I could wear yellow without looking dead!


  3. nice dress!

  4. That dress is a gorgeous colour on you! I love the detail at the waist xx

  5. yellow really suits you! you look great!

  6. You look amazing and also your skin.
    that dress is just lovely

  7. BEAUTIFUL outfit! Your haircolor is also amazing! <3

    Greetings from Finland,

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  9. yellow is my favourite colour :) such a coincidence, I just posted an outfit with a yellow skirt!

  10. Oh such a lovely coloured may be turning me into a bright colour converter myself! I always lent my friends Topshop cut out dress last year forever saying I'd buy one for myself then they stopped selling them and I was like noooo. So glad AX do copies now so will definitely be stocking up for my holiday! Plus I have your little blue ring too, nice touch!

    Gemma x

  11. Ah that dress is lovely! I've seen the cream/white version of it so many times but not the yellow one. I love the hairstyle btw too, your hairs lovely x

  12. Love you yellow detail...nice details


  13. ahh, that dress is so lovely and summery - you look gorgeous! :)xo

  14. How did you do the pink ombré ? It's gorgeous! Love the dress too!

  15. That dress looks gorgeous on you, love the colour with your hair (which looks lovely too!) xxx

  16. You look great, dress and hair style are great too.

    Would you like to follow each other?

  17. I love the bright yellow dress, perfect for summer! Your hair looks lovely :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  18. The loook has this lovely 60's vibe that really suits you :)

  19. Love that yellow!


  20. What a great dress!

  21. oh, you look ravishing! this hairdo and the yellow dress suit you so perfectly ♥

  22. I totally LOVE your outfit! So 1960s! I adore the dress, the color is amazing. You look stunning!

    Would you like to follow eachother? I'll start from now!

    Kisses from Holland,


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