Mini Holiday Haul


After I bought my Michael Kors watch before I went on holiday I promised to put myself on a spending ban, but when we decided to go to Norwich whilst we were away that went straight out of the window.  I mean, you just have to treat yourself when your on holiday, don't you?!

Shirt - New Look
Jeans - Motel
Shoes - Peacocks

I've never been to Norwich before and I loved it.  There were some lovely little boutiques and market stalls.  Unfortunately we didn't find the tumble upon the main shopping mall until an hour before it closed and only had time to go in the massive H&M.  I'm glad we had time to go in there though as I picked up a lovely top and a much needed new pair of black flats.
Top £14.99 and Shoes £9.99 both H&M

We also stumbled upon a cute little boutique that was full of pretty printed dresses and shirts.  I was in heaven with all the bird, cat, dog and owl prints.  After trying on 6 dresses, and lots of uhming and ahhing in the changing room, I finally managed to make my mind up.  I was tempted to buy 2 but was good and got a cardigan instead because I needed one that I could throw on when it's cool.  The thing I loved most about this shop (sorry I cannot remember what it was called) was that I didn't see a single thing over £25.  This surprised me because the clothes were all really nice and good quality, none of them felt or looked cheap.
Dress £22.75

Cardigan - £18.75

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  1. I love the blouse from H&M and the print of that dress is so cute! xo

  2. Beautifull items!


  3. pink tips = too adorable on you!

  4. Great buys. I love that top from h&m. X

  5. love those jeans! gorgeous x

  6. That peterpan collar top is darling! You have great taste in clothing :)
    Maria ♥ Avenue M

  7. Ooh you picked up soem cool stuff, I like everything you bought!

  8. I love your jeans! You bought some pretty things too :) XO.

  9. I love the print of the H&M top, I nearly bought it a few months back. Great haul! Spending bans never last haha! ♥

  10. I am totally in love with that amzing dress! Great buys and i love your pants!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  11. You welcome and thanks for your visit ;)
    Great stripped jeans!!

    Visit Missy Cheeks Looks on facebook:

  12. ahh fantastic jeans!! lovely blog you have dear!

  13. Wow, your blog is lovely!! I have only just discovered it, but I am already feeling rather inspired! I absolutely love your Motel jeans- the print is subtle enough to go with most items, but still definitely there. Your hair is lovely as well!!


  14. I used to live near Norwich, and me and my friends used to make special shopping trips there cos the shopping is so good! You got some lovely bits :)

  15. That shop sounds amazing! I'm so tempted to visit Norwich just for the shopping! You picked up some lovely things, I especially love the cardigan xxx

  16. AH THEM JEANS ARE DELICIOUS! So so so want a pair! And I know what you mean about a shopping ban, I went shopping this weekend and felt like dying at all the lovely stuff! Supposed to be saving for my holiday! And jealous of the Michael Kors watch! I've just put it on my weekly wish list. Hopefully someone will get me it for my 21st!!

    Gemma x

  17. Cool hair!

  18. I love the collar on the top from h&m! :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  19. love all the tings you bought.dress is super cute

  20. I love that cardigan. So cute. Your sense of style is amazing!


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