ELF 6 in 1 Beauty On The Go - Palette 1


I had originally planned to review all of these palettes in one post, but after loading the pictures onto my computer I realised that it would be my longest post ever.  So I have decided to review each of the different palettes individually over the next week or two so I can spread them out a bit and hopefully not bore you.

I have had the 6 in 1 Beauty on the Go kit for a couple of months now and I love it.  There is a palette for every occasion in it.  Each palette contains 10 eyeshadows, 2 lip colours and a blusher or bronzer.  They are easily slotted into the compact but are also secure enough that the palette doesn't fall out when you open the compact.  I also love that the mirror is fairly long so it's very easy to see and use on the go.

The first palette is the one that I tried out first.  I got this kit just before I went on holiday at the beginning of June and thought this would be perfect to take away with me.  It is great if your like me and want to try and pack light, as it has a variety of eyeshadow colours.  The blusher looks a bit pink in these photos but in real life it is more of a peachy pink and is very wearable.  This palette can be used to create looks for both the day and night.

The first row is a lovely mix of bronze and gold colours which are perfect for the daytime or to create a lovely golden smokey eye for the night time.  Then the second row is great if you want to add a bit of colour.  The first colour is a shimmery charcoal colour which is great to create a dark eye for the night too.  It hasn't really shown up too well in this picture, but the last colour on the second row is such a pretty pink and is probably the one I have used the most out of this palette.

The first swatch is the colour of the blusher and is probably my favourite blusher of all the palettes in this kit.  It is a lovely peachy pink and I just feel like it really suits my skin tone.  As for the lip colours in this palette I'm not overly impressed, but to be honest I have never been a fan of lip colours in palettes like this.  I much prefer to use lipsticks or glosses.  As you can see in the palette the first lip colour is a plum colour and the second is a bright pink but when they are swatched they both look a very similar colour.  If you just want a light sheen on your lips then these are perfect but if you want more colour I would suggest using a lipstick first and then layering this over the top.

Hope you liked this review and I'll be doing the second one soon.  I also just wanted to let you know that the everyday palette that I did a post on here is now available on the ELF website again and if you are looking to bag yourself a bargain they are now offering 50% off all orders until the 14th July.

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  1. I have an Elf palette myself and love it! xA

  2. Can't wait to read about the rest, they look lovely!

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  4. Great eye shadow colors! Very sparkly!


  5. I won this in a giveaway, I love it so much! So handy to pop in your bag on a night out xxx

  6. Great to have so much variety in one compact.


  7. i love the colours in this x

  8. ELF always has great sales, and they have quite a few gems!

  9. Nice color - I eat-sleep,breathe and dream fashion too:)
    would love for you to check out my new post


  10. I love the palette dear the colour are so nice and easy to combine love it such a great post love your blog\

  11. Great Review! Very helpful thanks :)

  12. Lovely shades! :)

    - Victoria

  13. ELF isn't really a brand I'm all that familiar with but these look awesome! May just have to invest! xx

  14. I absolute love ELF eye shadows, this palette looks amazing! xx


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