Party Outfits and A Few More Newbies


Just a quick picture of my outfit that I wore to a friend's birthday party (sorry for the bad phone quality photo).
Dress - Topshop
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Peacocks
Does anybody else struggle on deciding what to wear on nights out and to parties in this weather?  It's not like summer, where you can just pull on a dress, stick on some heels and you're ready to go.  No, you have to take into consideration how long you have to brace the freezing cold air as you go from bar to bar and how you're going to keep youself warm during those moments.  The simple answer to this would be to wear a coat, but then you're spending all night taking it on and off or worrying about putting it down somewhere and forgetting it in a drunken state.  It's just a hassle. 
What are your tips for keeping warm on a night out during these winter months?
I also seem to have a bit of a shopping problem at the moment.  I got these few things a couple of weeks ago but have only just got around to posting them.  I am afraid to admit that I have been on two more little shopping trips since then and treated myself to a few more bits.  I definitely need more self control when it comes to shopping.  I have decided though, that I will not buy anything else throughout the whole of December unless it is a Christmas gift for somebody else... I just hope that I have enough willpower or my poor friends and family will be getting a lump of coal for christmas.
Coat - George
Jumper - Sheinside
Shoes - Matalan

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  1. amazing shopping!
    Lisa S. per
    p.s. new post, I'm wiaiting for your comment!

  2. You look lovely, really like the flared sleeves on the dress, haven't seen one like this before! I never take a coat out either, I'm really not sensible when it comes to party outfits...just drink lots before you go out so you dont feel the cold!? Haha terrible I know! :P x

  3. love the dress and new shoes! adorable stuff!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm hosting a glasses giveaway on my blog here check it out!

    P.S. I find your blog amazing, following you now

  4. I found you through my daughter's blog, she is following you. I am also following you. You look so cute in that white dress. Hello from Sicily!

  5. I love the cross jumper! Definitely know what you mean about dressing for nights out during Winter. I wore my leather jacket and a cardigan out the other night, but they were such a pain to carry and keep an eye on! Black tights are also a necessity for me. xo

  6. Your shoes are beautiful. And so's your outfit! It's so hard dressing for nights out, tights are a must. I always have a bag big enough to hold a scarf, you know those thinnish ones from Primark that can be screwed up in a little ball but are really massive? xxx

  7. I can't believe your coat and shoes are from George and Matalan! Two places that I never really shop in... I'm missing out on such beauties! xx

  8. I have the same problem! I can't stop, too many pretty things for sale right now. Lovely purchases, though! :)

  9. wow that white lace dress are stunning, so lovely and feminine which i love :) and the shoes are pretty too :)

  10. Gorgeous outfit, that dress is so lovely on you!

  11. Great outfit! And I looooove that jumper!!!

  12. cuuute dress

  13. LOVE those shoes!
    I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  14. aww thank you so much! :) amazing items...I love the sweater. <3 x

  15. Ooo, amazing finds! Love it all!

    ox from NYC!


  16. love the shoes! and that dress is so pretty :)

  17. omg..I need those shoes, they're perfection! Take a look if you want, hope we'll follow each other via gfc/bloglovin ;)

    Xx Elisa

  18. this is such a cute lace dress on you! and yes I know what you mean. When it was winter, it was so annoying thinking about what to wear to a hot and stuffy bar as well as the freezing cold walk to get there.

  19. I keep warm with booze.:D And tights under leggings under pants.:) Love your new sweater!

  20. I become a total hermit in winter - mainly because I can never decide on a weather-appropriate outfit! I hate carting a big coat about as well x

  21. That coat is gorgeous and I need those shoes!! X

  22. such a pretty dress, and coat looks gorgeous

  23. Thank you for the sweet comment, love! I just followed you! By the way, my Giveaway's sponsor is not Firmoo, but Sunglassesshop and I'd be really happy if you join it as my follower <3 It would means a lot!

    -Mademoiselle S.


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