Christmas At Chatsworth


After vowing to post more regularly on the blog I have been a bit busy recently, if you follow my blog you will have probably read this post all about me venturing into the baking world, so that has been taking up a lot of my time for the past week.  If you want to see what I made this time then check out my instagram.  I'm still working on getting something set up separately for it, but that will probably have to take a back seat until after Christmas now I think,  but no doubt I will be sharing some of my Christmas baking with you on here.

I did however find time to take a little trip to Chatsworth house for their Christmas fair.  I went for the first time at Christmas last year and fell in love with it, so it is now going to be a new Christmas tradition of ours.  The grounds are a beautiful setting for the Christmas fair and they decorate the house so beautifully, each year with a different theme.  This year the theme was Alice In Wonderland, although I slightly preferred last years theme of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (mainly because of all the fake snow that really made it feel like Christmas) it was still really lovely and got me into the Christmas spirit.

(WARNING: This post may be slightly photo heavy!)

If you haven't been to Chatsworth before I'd definitely recommend going, especially at Christmas.  The Chritmas fair is only on for the last two weeks of November usually but the house is decorated until January.  I didn't get any pictures of the fair outside as it was super busy and I was a little pre-occupied by all the Christmas wares on offer.  I didn't actually buy much though but I will be sharing my favourite purchase with you in my next post probably.

Where do you like to visit at Christmas to get you into the festive spirit?

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  1. Have a happy December & a great holidays


    P.S. Follow on instagram 2 ? ( @nanyslife )

  2. Aw this so cute, beautiful photos! Definitely made me excited for christmas! // UK Fashion Blog

  3. Ooh it looks so cute and whimsical! I love wandering around cities in the evening at this time of year, or the cinema to watch something festive <3

    // xx

  4. awww, so many cute things! I love christmas time :)

  5. It seems to be a wonderful beautiful and christmacy photos.your blog is amazing. I'm following you from now via GFC! Hope you can visit mine and follow me too! Kisses!

  6. Aw lovely post! I live right near here so it always reminds me of my childhood :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  7. omg i see why you took so many pics!! that looks magical.

  8. This looks like a really fun and intersting place! Oh and you should really try a homemade facemask, they are so easy to make :)

  9. Love this! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!!

  10. Oh wow, this looks like so much fun. I'd love to visit!


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