Christmas 2015


It has been no secret that this year I have really struggled with my anxiety, so over Christmas I took a little blogging break so I could spend some time focusing on myself and really trying to enjoy Christmas as anxiety free as possible.  I have to admit that it was a little hectic and overwhelming at times, and I enjoyed it as much as I possibly could but have been left feeling a little mentally exhausted.  But, before we start the new year, I wanted to share with you what I got up to this Christmas and some of my lovely presents from all my generous family and friends.

Dress - H&M
Necklace - New Look

On Christmas Eve we all went round to some family friends' and had a thai takeaway, which was super yummy, and spent the evening just chatting and getting excited for Christmas.  Then we came home and me and my boyfriend got into bed and fell asleep watching Arthur Christmas.  A perfect start to Christmas if you ask me.  

Christmas morning was lovely and relaxed.  We woke up and opened our stockings in bed before coming downstairs, where my nan was already waiting, and waited for my mum and dad to get up so we could open our presents altogether.  Just like every other Christmas I was well and truly spoilt and feel so fortunate to have such an amazing boyfriend and family.  I would be lost without them and as much as I love opening presents, I love nothing more than giving them and making others happy.  The look on my boyfriend's face when he opened his Xbox, which I had by some miracle managed to keep secret from him for the past month, was priceless!  In the afternoon my sister and nephew came over and we had a lovely Christmas dinner before round two of presents with them.  Then in the evening our family friends whose we went to on Christmas Eve came round and it was time for round three of presents.  In case you haven't noticed I like to draw Christmas out for as long as possible, ha ha!  I only managed to get pictures of the first round of presents from the morning, but I'm sure many of them will be featured on the blog at some point or will pop up on instagram.

All of my lovely little stocking fillers.

January will definitely be a month of pampering with all these Lush and Soap & Glory goodies.  And how cute are these pyjamas?!  They are so comfy, I have been pretty much living in them since Christmas.

Lots more goodies from my parents and boyfriend.  How beautiful is that book?!  I can't wait to read it whilst tucking into those yummy Hotel Chocolat chocolates!  I also got another one of these books full of Jane Austen novels from my sister.

My mum and dad also bought me this Spiralizer which I can't wait to start using in the new year and get back on a healthy diet.  If you have one or any great recipes to share then do let me know.

Finally, I got this beautiful little package from my boyfriend, but I feel like this gift is one of the ones that deserves a post all of it's own so you'll have to wait and see what's inside this pretty little box.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and if you've done a post on what you got for Christmas be sure to leave a link in the comments because I love seeing what lovely things everybody got for Christmas.

Happy New Year!!

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  1. I can't wait to see inside your little black box. All the best for 2016 lovely! xx

  2. Yeah dear, such events are just so much fun and that is why I have decided to throw a small Christmas party for all my family and friends at best Los Angeles venues. Do you think this location will work best for me?


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