The Blanket Scarf


I've never really been the biggest fan of scarves, I've just always found them quite annoying and a bit pointless.  I think I was put off by the thinner ones I always had as a child that had to be wrapped around about 3 times to cover your neck or make sure it was short enough for my mum to tuck into my coat.  It just always felt a bit like my scarf was trying to strangle me!  I've been eyeing up these big blanket scarves for a while now though and thought it was maybe time I gave scarves a chance again.  Especially as I love wearing my H&M trench coat but as it gets colder it's not quite up to the challenge of keeping me warm alone.  I thought this New Look scarf would be the perfect answer, I love the classic check print and the fact that it's reversible and the herringbone print is quite neutral so will go with my other coats too.

This scarf is super thick and cosy and has definitely done the trick of keeping me warm.  There is also just something so comforting about going out and feeling like you're wearing a blanket.  I think these blanket scarves are perfect for keeping off the winter chill and would make a great christmas gift too. In fact I've bought a couple as gifts for this christmas too as I've fallen in love with them and there are lots of lovely different ones to choose from.

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  1. Love this scarf on you, babe! Super cute and cozy!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Such a pretty look Sadie, love your scarf! I'm obsessed with blanket scarves during this time of year :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

  3. I love that scarf, especially since it's reversible! I just picked up a ton of cheaper scarves from F21, and they're so warm, I love feeling all snuggly when I go outside.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  4. Yay for the blanket scarf and you're such a beaut babe in yours Sadie! Tartan looks all the gorgeous on you and it's the perfect addition to your pretty trench. I hate thinner scarves too, they just seem so "meh" haha :D Blanket scarves are deffo where it's at ;) I love the comforting, wrapped-up aura they embody, yet are so stylish and on-point at the same time. Aww and such a sweet idea you've bought them for gifts! So thoughtful and I know all your recipients will be too delighted! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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