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I have to admit that when it comes to make up I am no professional, my everyday makeup tends to consist of a thin layer of foundation, a bit of concealer, eyeliner, a coat of mascara and a tiny bit of blush.  As I like to keep it so simple I have been trying to find ways that I can make my skin look more flawless but still keep it looking natural.  So I thought I'd give this palette from BornPretty a try, for £4.75 it is an absolute bargain and also comes with a 7 piece brush kit.

The brush kit is pretty simple and not something I'll probably use much but its a great little added bonus.  It contains a brow brush and comb and eyeshadow sponge applicator, both pretty self explanatory.  Next there is a small angled brush, which I have actually found perfect for applying gel eyeliner, and then a small lip brush.  Then there is a small flat brush, which would be perfect for applying concealer to spots and around the nose but the bristles are really stiff making it a little harder to apply, I'm hoping to be able to find some way to soften them.  The next brush is a larger fat brush and the bristles on this one are much softer and I used this brush to mark out my contouring, then the larger fluffier brush to blend my contouring out.

Now, onto the palette itself, it is made up of a highlighter, green, purple and yellow colour correctors and 11 skin tone shades ranging from light to dark making it suitable for practically any skin tone.  They all have a creamy texture, something which is brand new to me as I have only ever used liquids or powders and I have to admit I am a complete cream convert.  I found these really easy to apply and blend, and as a sufferer of dry skin I was intrigued how it would deal with them.  I am pleased to report that there was not a dry patch in sight!

I have never really used colour correcting concealers before and just always saw it as an unnecessary hassle.  Boy, was I wrong!!  The green and yellow colour correctors were certainly put to the test as I have been suffering from a cold for the last week, which shows no signs of budging, and with a nose as red as rudolph and circles as dark as a panda under my eyes they had a lot of work to do.  As the green concealer cancels out red I put this all around my nose and on any blemishes I had.  It does seem a bit weird having green patches on my face but once they were covered, as you'll see from the picture below, there wasn't a hint of red in sight.  Absolute magic!  I then used the yellow concealer to tackle my dark eyes by patting it below my eyes and putting a thin layer on my eyelids.  I then covered my face with a thin layer of foundation and there wasn't a hint of red or dark circle in sight.  I then used the middle darker shade on the right hand side to contour, it did scare me a little how dark it was when I first applied it but if felt super creamy and blended out really beautifully, leaving me with a nice natural contour.  I then did my eye makeup and blusher patting a bit of the highlighter to the tops of my cheeks and brow bone.

All in all I am really impressed with this palette and the green and yellow concealers are my new best friends.  If you'd like to give this palette a try head over to BornPretty and use the code "SAK31" for an extra 10% off.

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  1. Those colors look beautiful on you! This looks like a wonderful palette. Thanks for sharing <3

    xo Azu


  2. I'd never think to use a green concealer but I get a lot of redness so now I want to give it a go! This looks so natural on x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  3. Nice palette!


  4. Love this !


  5. Looks like such a nice palette, so glad you're loving it, it looks so pretty and natural!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  6. Looking absolutely gorgeous Sadie, what a true beauty you are! I was just going to say how creamy this looks, I definitely think I'd become a cream convert too, I find powders don't go well against my skin, so I'm loving all the creamy contours around at the moment. The colours all look so fresh with such glowy, spirited hues to brighten up this horrible season we want to speed ;) Hope you feel tons better too soon lovely xo

    P.S, can't ever thank you enough for your sweet, sweet email. It made me so happy and I can't wait to settle down and reply, as soon as possible I promise! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  7. love the post and the look :D


  8. Such pretty shade and it looks beautiful on you.

  9. You did such a great job concealing & contouring with this palette, the finished look is lovely! I've also never bothered getting a palette like this as I just thought they would be too much hassle but maybe I should look into it x

    Beauty with charm


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