Christmas At Chatsworth


There's nothing I love more than a trip to Chatsworth at Christmas to get me into the festive spirit.  I was so disappointed when I was unable to go last year due to my severe anxiety and working hard all year has lead up to this point where I was finally able to conquer my fears and go.  It wasn't easy but all the pretty Christmas decorations were doing a great job of distracting me and it has given me the boost of confidence I needed to start stepping out of my comfort zone a bit more.  Anyway, back to Chatsworth, each year it is decorated with a different theme and this year it is The Nutcracker.  After seeing the ballet several times at Christmas when I was younger I just knew I couldn't miss it and I'm glad I didn't.  Wandering through the ballet inspired decorated rooms, adorned with Christmas trees, toy soldiers, sugar plum fairies and even a miniature sweet town, the tour of Chatsworth ended with the ballet projected onto the walls and I could've stood there all day and watched it.  It was just beautiful and gave me that warm fuzzy feeling I remember having as a child watching the ballet dancers in absolute awe.  Although I was a little disappointed that the live ballerina I had read would be there was nowhere to be seen, my trip to Chatsworth has not only gotten me into the festive spirit but it has also reignited my love for ballet.

The house will stay decorated until 3rd January so if you can make it before then, it is well worth a visit.  We went whilst the Christmas Market is on which was full of lovely little stalls full of gifts, chocolate and various food and drink.  My favourites being the hog roast van and churro stand.  There was even the cutest little champagne bar housed in a cute little pink van.  A couple of years ago I got Riley a cute little Christmas collar from the Christmas market so I was really happy to find that stall again this year so I could get Teddy one too.

My boys are all ready for Christmas :)

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  1. These pictures make me so excited for christmas!!


    Tamara -

  2. Great photos! I can feel the holiday spirit! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  3. Wow, Chatsworth looks amazing!
    I'm really glad you were able to go this year :)

  4. This place looks beautiful! We went to a cute little christmast market which was located inside a small castle yesterday. It was also really nicee and your pictures remind me of it :)
    Sending much love!
    Rosa Larissa Klara
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  5. oh wow Sadie, this is so beautiful!!

  6. Looks so lovely! Your dogs are so cute! Gemma x


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