Rose Gold Mermaid Brushes


Can we first just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful these Rosegal rose gold mermaid brushes are!  My pictures do not even do them justice!  I have not wanted to use them as they are just so beautiful and I didn't want to get them dirty, but I can't just have them sitting there looking pretty and let them go to waste now can I?!

This beautiful set comes in a set of 6 with 4 face brushes and 2 eye brushes, which for £8.25 is an absolute bargain!  I have to admit that due to the stupidly affordable price I was a little dubious about the quality of the brushes but I had nothing to worry about.  These brushes look and feel so luxurious.  The heads are so ridiculously soft that they are so gentle on your skin and blend products beautifully. The last foundation brush I used was the Real Techniques Total Face Brush (which cost more than this whole set for just the one brush) and as good as it is, it is no way near as soft as these brushes and used to leave my foundation looking slightly streaky.  So I decided to give a Beauty Blender a try and have been using that ever since after deciding I would never use a brush for my foundation again.  When I recieved these brushes though I decided to give the flat top brush a go at applying my foundation and I was wonderfully surprised.  It applied my foundation beautifully and blended it in perfectly with not a streak in sight.  Another of my favourite brushes from this set is the smaller tapered brush.  I have been using this brush to apply highlighter and again it has worked just perfectly, it has such a light touch that it is just perfect for applying a subtle everyday highlight.

I really cannot rave about these brushes enough!  I could go on all day about how beautiful and soft they are.  For the price you really can't go wrong.  They would make a perfect and affordable Christmas present for any beauty lover and look like they cost way more than their £8.25 price tag.  You can get them for even less than this if you use the code RGEN for an extra 10% off.

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  1. These brushes are so cool!

    X Merel


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