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It's been a while, so today I have a little product review for you.  My hair has always been in great condition, a lot finer than I'd like but still really soft and smooth.  When I made the decision that I wanted to try and get my hair a more silver/lilac colour I knew that the process would be damaging to my hair.  Even though my hair was bleached properly and using the holy grail Olaplex, it has still taken a lot of the moisture out of my hair.  Especially as time has gone on I have found my hair to be a lot drier and more brittle.  As I've always been quite lucky with the condition of my hair I'd never done much more than shampoo and condition it and tried out the odd hair mask every now and then.  But when I started noticing that some of my hair had started snapping at the front I knew I had to start taking better care of it.

I'd seen a lot about the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and how it had worked wonders for dry and brittle hair, so I thought I'd give it a try.  My verdict?  It is worth all the hype.  The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is an intensive conditioning treatment that you put on before shampooing.  The product itself is quite thick and creamy, so a little goes a long way especially if you have fine mid length hair like myself.  As my hair is fairly fine I only use it on the mid lengths and ends, as suggested, but concentrate on the ends more as I feel like this is where my hair tends to get a lot drier.  On the packaging it does suggest that you leave it on for 10-20 minutes and cover with a plastic cap.  Now I don't know what difference the plastic cap makes as I don't own one, so I just tend to leave it on my hair for the longer amount of time with no plastic cap and I feel like it does the job just as well.  I also find my hair gets greasier a lot quicker when I use more products on my hair, so although it does suggest you use the Elasticizer weekly I only tend to use it every other week and it has still really improved the condition of my hair.  It has definitely put a lot of moisture back into my hair and I have noticed that I have had significantly less breakage since I started using it too.  The other thing that I have noticed since I've been using this product as well, is that my hair doesn't seem to get as knotty.  I have always had very fine and knotty hair that once I've towel dried it and brushed it through, by the time I've plugged the hair dryer in and gone back to dry it it would somehow have knots in it again.  Do not ask me how, but I'm sure this was a contributing factor to all the breakage too.  However, since I've started using the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer I've noticed that my hair doesn't seem to get quite as knotty, and I don't know if that's because it is a lot less drier or the hairs being a lot silkier due to the Elasticizer, but either way I'm not complaining.

Have you tried the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer?  Are there any other hair treatments that you'd recommend for fine hair?

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  1. That stuff sounds super good! I love it.

  2. Great post!
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    Gil Zetbase


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