Polka Dots


Polka dot

If there's one trend that I'm loving right now it's polka dots.  They seem to be everywhere right now... tops, dresses, jumpsuits and even on shoes.  The thing is about polka dots, even though they are having a major moment right now, they are pretty timeless.  I guarantee that you'll have some form of clothing with polka dots on in your wardrobe right now.  Off the top of my head I know I have a dress, top and trousers with a small polka dot hanging on my rails right now that I bought before this trend got so big.  I'd love to add more to my polka dot collection though, as it is such a simple print but instantly makes an outfit look a lot more interesting.  

These are just some of my favourites in stores right now.  As much as I love the coloured polka dots, especially the little orange short suit, I will always be a sucker for black and white.  I am a monochrome queen at heart.  Top of my list is a jumpsuit, there a so many lovely polka dot options available online but I'm really loving this one from Zalando.  It's biggest plus is that it is petite so will actually fit my short little legs, rather than looking full length when it's meant to be cropped.  I have to also make a special mention for the polka dot trousers too.  I love a paper bag waist, they are so flattering, and they are on sale for a mere £7.50!!!

What trend are you loving right now?

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  1. I'm usually more of a stripes kind of person, but you picked out some really great pieces! That yellow polka dot blouse is so cute.

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  2. Polka dot is very cute! Love the items you selected xx


  3. Loving these beautiful dots!



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