Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Dress - Zaful
Shoes - New Look
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

This lovely red dress from Zaful is absolutely perfect for this gorgeous summer heat but it is way out of my comfort zone.  As much as I love the style of this dress, which is what tempted me to give it a try, it is a lot more revealing than what I am used to wearing.  As someone who is a little *ahem* bigger busted it is not really something that I like to draw attention to or show too much cleavage.  However when I put this dress on I really loved it, so I've decided that it's time to take a step outside of my comfort zone!  This is something that can be really hard sometimes, especially for someone who already has anxiety and is worried about being judged, but it's something we must all try and do. I am always trying to work on my confidence and self-esteem and this is something I have discovered that I can never achieve if I don't step outside of my comfort zone.  This very often takes a lot of deep breaths, self-talking and anxiousness but more often than not the confidence you gain afterwards is 100% worth it.  This is something that can take time and may not always be successful, something I have experienced many times, but I try my hardest not to dwell on it and try again.  Something I've learnt is that ruminating does not have any benefits and no matter how much you think on it, it can't be changed.  This is something I've always struggled with when it comes to picking outfits since I developed anxiety.  I would always worry about how much I would stand out, if people would be looking at me or commenting on what I was wearing.  It's now time for me to get out that comfort zone though and pick out what I want to wear and not outfits that will help me blend in.

To many people this dress may not seem very out there, but as someone with a mainly monochrome wardrobe this red is a stand out colour for me.  The biggest thing for me however is going braless, that is something I very rarely (or never) do!  This dress is definitely not one you can wear a bra with, which is way out of my comfort zone, but the dress is so nicely made and good enough quality to give me the support I need.  It is also so comfortable to wear, especially in this heat.  I wouldn't say I feel 100% confident in it yet, but I'm hoping the more I wear it the more confident I will feel in it.

If you're looking for a nice comfy summer dress I would definitely recommend this dress.  I got it in a size M (I'm a size 10) and it fits perfectly.  It's only £17.68 and also comes in yellow and white.  I was very tempted to go for the white but decided the red was even more out of my comfort zone.  You can get it for even less though if you use the code ZFNancy for 10% off your order.

What do you do to step out of your comfort zone?

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  1. You look bloody gorgeous in that dress!

  2. You look fabulous wearing that pretty valentine red smocked tie-front cami dress from Zaful!!!
    I too suffer from anxiety. Up until a year ago all of my outfit photos were selfies taken indoors. For my last two outfit posts I feel lucky that two other people took photos for me (but still indoors). To really step out of my comfort zone I think I would have to pose outdoors somewhere.
    I really love your outfit photos!

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