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I was introduced to Esqido a few months ago when I got to try out a pair of their beautiful lashes.  I was super impressed so I jumped at the chance to try out their new Gel Eyeliners.  Just like the lashes they come beautifully packaged in white and rose gold.  I know it's more about the product than the packaging but it really does help when a product is so aesthetically pleasing too.

The Esqido Liner comes in two shades, black and brown and retails at $16 normally but is currently on offer for $10.  Which, after trying it out, I would say is worth every penny.  On their site Esqido claims that this Liner will be "your new holy grail" and boy are they right.  I fell in love with it instantly!

The pencil itself is super smooth and soft and glides onto the skin beautifully, with the most intense colour payoff.  These liners are so pigmented that I barely had to touch the skin to get the sharp line you see above.  There's no dragging liner across your eyes with these eyeliners!  My favourite part of all though is that once these liners are on your eyes they are not budging!  I always have the problem of getting eyeliner to stay put, whether it be when lining my waterline or creating a wing.  I have quite watery eyes and normally it disappears off my waterline altogether after a couple of hours or smudges my wing right across my face.  As these liners are waterproof though, I did not have either of these problems.  After a full day's wear it had not budged.  In fact you better make sure you have a pretty good eye makeup remover to get this bad boy off.

Now you may be wondering how this liner is any good with the precision needed for creating a wing.  Well (and I'm kicking myself for getting too carried away with actually using the product that I forgot to take a picture of this part!), concealed at the very end of the pencil there is the handiest teeniest tiniest sharpener which pops off and can be used to sharpen they very tip of the pencil into a very fine nib giving you the precision you need to create your wing.

What is your "holy grail" eyeliner?  Would you give this a try?

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  1. Oo these eyeliners are gorgeous! I need to check them out!

  2. I would totally give this one a try! It sounds great!


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