Celebrity Fashion: The Cut Out Dress


Guest Post by Nathalie Martin (@martinnathalie9)

From subtle cut out waist triangles to plunged neckline swirls and leg flashing slashes - the cut out dress is in and celebrities everywhere are enjoying the benefit of being revealing with elegance.  Having recently come across my new favourite celebrity fashion shop, Goddiva, I wanted to reveal some affordable and more flattering bodycon alternatives to the top celebrity cut out dress looks at the moment.

Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez Bodycon Cut Out Dress
Selena Gomez is in the lead for showing cleavage in her long white cut out cocktail dress.  Shown below alongside some affordable bodycon alternatives.  The great thing about these bodycon cocktail dresses is that you get the cut out look without the risk of your bits flying out!  We can't all work the tit tape for a whole evening, especially dancing at our Christmas or New Year's Eve party.

Halle Berry and Kelly Rowland Cut Out Maxi Dress

These mermaid look mesh insert maxi evening dresses are an excellent way to accentuate your curves and the thin cut out curves help to reveal your best bits.  My alternatives from designer Luxe (top right) are a great style for anyone that is a little shy of any scars or marks on their tummy area.  You get to exude confidence without exposing your wobbly bits.  They also come in a range of colours so I thought I would add a touch of gold for anyone planning their Christmas party dress.

More Celebrities Embracing The Cut Out Dress

These ladies have worked this look to the max by opting for the waist triangle cut out dress.  Celebrities are popping up everywhere with this look whether it be on reality shows like Made In Chelsea and Towie or glamorous lovely's like Cheryl Cole and Keisha (pictured).

What Are You Waiting For?
Time to get your own cut out dress.  Here are a selection of cut out evening dresses and Christmas party dresses that could get you one step closer to matching your favourite celebrity look.  The best bit is that they come in a variety of colours, which means you can be a lady in red or saucy vixen in black.  The choice really is yours...

There are so many celebrity inspired party dresses out there, I hope you find the one you are looking for.

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  1. I really like cut out dresses! I would love to buy one for the upcoming holiday and party season!
    Great post, sweetie! :)


  2. love the subtle skin and edgy look to these kinds of dresses!! :D

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  4. These are so sexy but classy as well, a really rare combination in a party dress xo

    Sophie <3 soinspo

  5. Thank you for the lovely comments :) I also wrote one on Kim Kardashian's mesh dress look recently: http://thoushaltnotcovet.net/2013/11/24/kim-kardashian-mesh-dress-get-the-look/ and have just done a storify on Top 5 New Year Party Dresses: http://storify.com/NathalieM/top-5-new-year-party-dresses


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