Comfy And Cosy


Dress - Primark
Cardigan - Asos
This outfit is my favourite combination at the moment, a nice comfortable little dress and tights with a big cosy cardigan over the top to keep me warm.  I'm a little obsessed with fluffy knitwear at the moment and this cardigan is my favourite.  I got this one from Asos a few weeks ago for £28 but it seems to be sold out now as I can't see it on the site anymore.  I've seen various versions though in stores including New Look, Topshop and Primark, as they seem to be proving pretty popular.  Well who doesn't love a great big fluffy knit to get all snuggled up in?!
The dress I also picked up a few weeks ago in Primark for £8!  Such a bargain!  I wish I'd bought more now, as they have these bargain little dresses in various colours and patterns.  They're just so easy to wear and look flattering on all shapes and sizes.
What's your favourite outfit to keep warm in at the moment?

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  1. Your dress is so ladylike and pretty and love the adorable coat! It was great hearing your thoughts, have a Fabulous Friday!

  2. that cardigan looks insanely cosy! x

  3. Nice cardigan

  4. Fluffy knitwear and pretty dresses sure are a fantastic combination. Love the dress. It's such a beautiful print and shape.

  5. I love that cardi, I looked for one in my local Primark but they'd sold out :( my fave outfit for keeping warm right now are pyjamas haha xxx

  6. Oooh that cardigan just looks so comfy and cosy! XX

  7. I love your cardigan, it looks so cosy and cute with your dress <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. you look so sweet and especially with that coat on darling <3

  9. Wow, that dress really was a bargain! I need more like this. <3

    Tara xo

  10. Adore this type of outfit, so warm and snuggly! Like you said who doesn't like a great big fluffy knit! Currently I'm wearing a black fluffy jumper from Primark 24/7, by far the most comfy thing I own!

    Sophie xox soinspo

  11. Such a lovely dress!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment!
    Maybe we could follow each other?


  12. super pretty dress! and the cardigan is gorgeous too :)

  13. Such a gorgeous dress and I love it paired with that warm fluffy coat!!

  14. Your hair looks really pretty & i love your dress :)

    Love Emma xx


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