Ripped Jeans


Kimono - Gift (similar here)
Vest - Primark
Jeans - Zara
Sandals - New Look

This outfit has been one of my go-to casual looks this summer, especially on chillier days (which there have been plenty of).  When it comes to jeans I tend to stick to black skinnies but I decided I wanted to try something different.  I had been loving the ripped look and wanted to try a more relaxed fit, so when I saw this pair in the Zara sale for £17.99 I decided to give them a try.  I could have perhaps gone a size smaller as they're slightly big around the waist, but not to the point where I feel like they're going to fall down and it's nothing a belt won't fix, and I kind of like the baggy look.  I don't think they'd have the same fit or feel if I had gone a size smaller so I decided to keep them.  The thing I love most about them though is they're just the right length for my short little legs.  I have such a hard time trying to find jeans that I don't have to roll up, which is a dilemma I'm sure most short girls can relate to.  This is the first pair of jeans I have bought from Zara and I will definitely be going back when I go jean shopping in the future, as it is so hard to find a well fitting pair of jeans.

Where if you favourite place to shop for jeans?

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  1. YOu look very cool and trendy in this outfit :) I especially like the pretty kimono which reminds me that Summer is not over yet!
    Have a great Monday!

  2. These look so cool on you Sadie! I love Zara jeans, I think ASOS are pretty good too - they come in lots of lengths :) x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. you look fantastic my dear, love this outfit :) xoxo

  4. This outfit look so comfortable! I just love lacy cardigan too!


  5. You look absolutely gorgeous hun, love the look and as always you just look so pretty! I love your hair too!

    The jeans are perfect and will be great to wear in the winter too with a snuggly jumper - got to love snuggly jumpers haha! Plus your shoes are super-sweet, love them!

    Can you tell that I love your look….hahah :)

    Layla xx

  6. I love how casual yet chic ripped jeans can look and you've styled them so well. You look lovely x

    Beauty with charm

  7. Cute outfit :)
    Loving the kimono.

  8. Love the outfit!
    Melanie @

  9. I always love wearing ripped jeans because they are very versatile!

  10. the kimono looks very cute and love how comfy those jeans look :)

    Chic Peachy Pink l Twitter l Instagram l BlogLovin' l Facebook


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